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video production

FabCom offers end-to-end capability and accountability for superior video production results. The new breed, integrated, marketing agency methodology is emerging as the best way to produce video.

begin with the end in mind
Why are you planning on producing video or interactive animations? Why do you need the skills of visual effects artists in the first place? What job or place in the advertising and sales conversion funnel should that video serve? If you hire a group of good video producers, you can acquire a bunch of good video in a file. You could end up with video that fills the void and gets that web or promotional video checked off the list; there may even be great footage in that file.

But, will it really strike the chord of resonation, connection, and influence to drive the action you need for your marketing initiative? Will it be custom-tuned to the place, channel, and timing required to maximize engagement and relevance? Will it really take advantage of all of that you could accomplish with your budgets and timelines, or will it only reflect what that particular video production facility can do in-house?

So after all the convergence and new technology we have experienced in the area of video production during the last few years, what’s the answer? How does a company leverage all the advanced capabilities of the new video technology and still build upon the classic lessons of video storytelling that take decades to develop within a creative team?

There is a new and proven better video production methodology now emerging. If you work with a truly integrated video production team, steeped in the new-breed agency skills of integrated and multipurpose digital advertising, you will be empowered to create videos that connect, resonate, and drive your prospects to action. It’s all about what works when connecting the right targets with your brand, product, or service within your marketing funnel. This is what makes video GREAT instead of just good.

how is video pre-production different with the new breed agency methodology?
The difference starts at the tip of the spear. Your dedicated and experienced marketing and advertising-centric brand steward and production coordinator helps facilitate all of the possibilities of your video production. This is a marketing professional who is well versed in the myriad ways to leverage your video to ensure optimal advertising and marketing results (not just someone who only knows video). What you get is turnkey budgeting you can count on, messaging strategy execution, emotional catalyst development, best-of-class pre- and post-production methods, video shoot planning and on-site coordination, search engine-centric micro-encoding, and so much more.

We work together with you to select from a wide array of both emerging and classic technology and talents according to your business objectives. We’ll help you decide on the best creative execution, help drive specification, and share with you all of the possibilities that can be included in your scope as we arm your company to meet the pre-defined marketing goals and objectives for the project.

The video pre-production process often includes the development of a detailed written proposal with a corresponding budgeting spreadsheet, as well as an outline that details the video production facets, steps, and storyline. Another important component of the pre-production process: planning the video shoot itself. This includes identifying and examining the video shoot location(s), determining the required equipment for each shot, identifying and scheduling the talent, outlining desired POV facilitation of the video crew members. Clients are equipped with real-time access to the video shoot schedule prior to the execution, as well as on the day of the video shoot, and have the ability to make live changes for all crew members to see.

The capabilities of the video teams are magnified with the new breed marketing agency methodology.
If you can dream it, you can do it—whatever the vision and scope of your project—when you are supported by the video production teams embedded within the new breed and best-of-class marketing and advertising agency, FabCom. Choose FabCom when you demand the best achievable result for the budgets and timelines available. Seriously, you would have to go to Hollywood to find anything close to the talent, technology, and integrated visual effects and animation teams assembled in our Scottsdale, Arizona, corporate office. A typical video production team from FabCom will include the whole panoply of talents and skills not found at video-only production companies. To be clear, we know of no other fully-integrated video production team that includes every production skill required or desired on every single project, as a baseline for every project, every time. (Call us out if we’ve missed something). It’s a new breed agency methodology we have developed over the last decade and invested millions into in the last three years alone.


    Video teams include:   
  • Creative Director
  • Art Director
  • UX Director
  • Visual Effects Director
  • Photography Director
  • Production Manager
  • Executive Producer
  • Technical Producer
  • Live/Virtual Video Editors
  • Social Video Content Producer
  • Director of Photography
  • Camera Operators
  • Drone Pilot
  • Web video producer
  • Audio Specialists


Every project—no matter how big or small—leverages the full spectrum of video professionals and talents contributing to each and every pre-production, on-set sequence, and post-production work. On shoot days, you can expect the following talents embedded as part of your team and contributing to every video. These talents aren’t merely optional; they’re just something a video team supported by a truly integrated and best-of-class agency provides.

All projects also include our cross-disciplined, integrated staff covering the A-to-Z areas of video capture, editing, post-production, and video distribution expertise. We don’t need outside or freelance production teams that lead to the age-old problem within the video production business of organizing an unpredictable potluck of talent who show up on shoot day or on the edit. Very simply, we provide on a silver platter, the very best in the Southwest of experienced directors, cinematographers, visual effects artists, animators, audio specialists and so much more (keep reading and see below the secret revealed that makes video work at the next level of ROI) before and after the shoot day to achieve the best return on investment for your video production.

Once you hire FabCom’s top notch video production team, we’ll act as the producer, ensuring everyone is where they’re supposed to be, you will get what you want, and that all expectations are exceeded.

video post-production the new breed agency way
The shoot for your video production has the benefit of our marketing and advertising agency’s cross-disciplined creative talent and strategic experience in the pre-planning and pre-production, and on shoot day. And the day ends with the hard drives filled with great shots.

Now it’s time for the master storytellers and world-class, Hollywood-trained editors to orchestrate the shots to come together and make that journey from good footage to great video production. Keep in mind that all teams at all junctions of each facet of video creation and production are focused together on empowering the end result versus merely getting the shot list covered satisfactorily. The core of our differentiation is creating visceral and emotional resonance to actually reach the intended audience by developing those elusive emotional connections that, in turn, drive targeted actions and lasting preference for your brand.

The hidden truth for most competing video production companies or teams: one editor brings one perspective and one set of ideas and skills to leverage your final work. With the integrated agency video production team, we provide a small army of ideas, skills, methods, tech, and talents to every production.

We know that the mind can only behold what the eyes can see, and when there are multiple qualified eyes and minds who see and do more, more is seen; more is planned for; and more is captured and leveraged—all within the same overall timelines and costs. It’s time to advance the 30-year-old obsolete video production model of by leveraging new technology with an innovative digital marketing mindset that builds upon conventional video production techniques. We now craft compelling, digital content with cinematic experiences for modern audiences across all audience channels. To truly harness all the capabilities across the continuum of video content capture, it now requires a dynamic, multi-channel, multi-screen, multimedia team of talented players, all under one roof who work as a synchronized team before, during, and after the shoot to deliver excellence and results the first time and every time.

Your story can be so much more than just a video when executed with FabCom’s new methodology of integrated video production.
FabCom’s integrated video production teams also incorporate the following digital video methods and practices which are NOT included with traditional video production teams or methodologies. They include as a baseline:

  • Writing and influencing the native optimizations of titles and descriptions
  • Meta tagging
  • On-page creation of custom or dynamic thumbnails that evoke engagement, dynamically optimized per channel and placement
  • Creation of custom engagement-evoking thumbnails on YouTube.
  • Transcription: nuanced SEO optimized transitions
  • Subject-prompted and viewing experience-prompted annotations and cards
  • Timed calls-to-action embedded within the videos
  • Lead-capture forms embedded within videos
  • Setup of granular engagement behavioral tracking
  • Increased ROI of in-video product placement, sponsorships, and endorsements
  • 3D Video user experience optimization and meta tagging
  • Endscreen optimization for audience retention
  • Intro and outro optimization
  • Native speaker language translation voiceovers, closed captions, and subtitles
  • Sound and music design for the audio, soundtrack, and score.
  • Control and customize the related video experience that enables self-discovery of your tertiary content in other channels and platforms to progressively message users to self-select deeper into the buying cycle.
  • User interface controls, creative customization of both on-page and YouTube user controls and user experiences
  • Video load-balancing
  • Video speed and quality optimization per device and network connections
  • Video sentiment monitoring, feedback, and response
  • Location-based search optimization for videos
  • Channel optimizations
  • Data-driven video deconstruction to harness the most visceral and viral elements of a video to create awareness, viewership, and placement of the corresponding longer-form video
  • Embedded intellectual property defense
  • Live-streaming setup and execution
  • Subscriber community building
  • Featured content development
  • Branding and video watermarking
  • Amplification of video influence by increasing shareable content in multiple formats and versions that best fit or are dynamically created, and distributed including dynamic and variable real-time video content.

more costs less with the new breed integrated marketing and advertising agency.
When we’re covering the full production from start to finish, the total costs are decreased, including editing. With less of an overhead cost, the possibilities are increased by beginning with the end in mind. Video production teams with the proper embedded capabilities, experience, and talents can now take your single video production and harness its ability to drive ROI in many channels and many areas of your marketing and advertising funnel. The reach of your video production and results can be leveraged in the same stride for 10 times the exposure for little more than a few percentage points when working with a new breed integrated marketing and advertising agency that begins with the end in mind.


Some of the types of best-of-class videos we produce include:

Some straight talk: If you’re just looking for cheap videos, then please keep looking for another video firm. If you’re looking for the best video you can produce to light up your brand, then you have found the right place.

A question we are always asked, “Can we just work with the video team because we have an in-house marketing department or other agency?” The answer is yes, if our companies fit and we are positive that FabCom can both exceed your expectations and you desire the best of video production. Contact us to find out more or check out our reels and some of our work in the portfolio section of the agency’s website.

converging capabilities integrated into video production

With FabCom’s integrated capabilities, your video production just got that much sweeter. Bringing you more ways to connect through new media and channels, FabCom offers virtual reality and augmented reality production capabilities to bring you experiential marketing that resonates with your stakeholders.

See how virtual reality can be the difference maker in advertising

See how augmented reality can be the difference-maker in advertising.

VR Video, AR Video, MR Videos, Visual Effects Videos . . .What’s What?
What is the difference between augmented reality video production, artificial reality production, video productions with special effects, and digital animations?

Virtual Reality (VR)
A computer simulation of reality and a catchall term for all immersive video experiences. An environment is created to simulate interaction with a real or imagined world. These experiences can be built from real content, synthesized content, or a combination of both. This segment is now the most rapidly growing market of marketing-centric videos.

Augmented Reality (AR)
This is a live (direct or indirect) reproduction of a real-world environment, augmented by computer generated input (graphics, sound, video or GPS data). We can combine this augmentation of reality in a variety of ways, but the real-life content and computer-generated content do not interact with each other.

Mixed Reality (MR)
Also known as hybrid reality, MR is the melding of the virtual and real world which allows us to create new environments in which physical and digital elements interact in real time. Envision a real world with an overlay of artificial content which is anchored to and reacts with the real world.

Visual Effects (VFX)
These are computer-generated visual effects that provide meaningful transitions from one scene to another, instead of just changing frames. Visual effects may include fade, dissolve, flips, etc. Just as Hollywood can bring to life the impossible, transport audiences to the past or the future, or visualize concepts that otherwise would be intangible, FabCom’s visual effects artists and animators can use these same techniques to delight, inspire, and engage your customers.

Digital Animation
A methodology for generating animated images by computer. The general term computer-generated imagery encompasses both static scenes and dynamic images, while the subtype digital animation only refers to the moving images.

3D video
Video which boosts the illusion of depth perception which gives the appearance of adding a third dimension to simulate actual vision is 3D video.

4-D video (4-D)
A simple marketing term for a video presentation combining a 3D video with various simulated physical effects that occur in the presentation space, synchronized with the video.




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