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The Business Intelligence (BI) and integrated marketing teams at FabCom are among the main drivers of the brilliant strategic thinking and long-term account retention behind one of the top fully integrated strategic marketing and advertising agencies in the Southwest. Granular, contextual, and relevantly right-sized marketing business intelligence gleans strategic business growth insights that become powerful quantitative and qualitative drivers of honest clarity. Enterprise Business intelligence, when incorporated as a first priority with integrated marketing and advertising, assures your brand investments. It’s all about aligning your company’s capabilities and approach with the target audiences and its influencers with absolute pinpoint relevance.

Experience Matters

Our marketing agency’s nearly three decades of strategic focus on 360-degree deep-dive market insights, and its industry-leading work with Neuromarketology® is why FabCom was chosen as one the first integrated marketing agencies in the Southwest to become a Certified Partner for IBM COGNOS business intelligence company and IBM Watson marketing intelligence platform solutions. The capability of the top artificial intelligence brain and leading company in the space is now embedded as part of our agency’s solutions.

What is Watson?

Our IBM Business Intelligence Agency teams are trained business intelligence professionals with total solution offerings, helping enterprise-wide analytics and big-data initiatives become successful. We become accountable for the entire span of BI efforts as well as experienced support that keeps you from being dropped into the abyss of departmental silos, the nemesis of big data projects. We are data-agnostic, software-agnostic, and process-agnostic. Instead, we leverage the ability to customize solutions built for your company and perfectly right-sized to your markets to drive your relevance and growth.

As a top mid-sized integrated marketing agency serving startups to billion-dollar brands, we use a holistic nurturing approach and help lead with change-management thinking as well as the best tech mash-up combinations to create a recipe built for your company and your space. We are there for our clients every step of the way, from working with the internal ops or sales and marketing teams that help them prepare for the Business Intelligence company initiatives to building the actual elements and processes deployed to marshal real-time, end-to-end, enterprise analytics. In a nutshell, at FabCom we love providing the intelligence that drives your organization in sync with the heartbeat of your markets and the mind’s eye of your best customers.

Deeper Dives
As needed, we help your company through customer-centric business process re-engineering to advance brands into or through markets. That takes industry practices in BI/Analytics that includes FabCom’s deeper dive to uncover the data that determines the ideal strategic direction with pinpoint accuracy. We mean it when we say we are masters of helping you navigate converging technologies, predictive analytics, big data synthesis, and even in-the-street human intelligence. We provide a data reveal and the synthesization of your SWOTs and your markets to create true relevance and immeasurable value from the data sets. Combined with the best of creative and strategic thinking, this data becomes a powerful tool that, when harnessed, facilitates new growth and industry transformations or spectacular turnarounds.

Small and large companies alike can now create the competitive advantage from enterprise resource planning (ERP) now required for ROI in today’s fast-moving markets.

How much better would you sleep at night if you knew for sure?
As a true enterprise business intelligence partner, we help our integrated marketing clients reveal new streams of revenue and or market segmentations that create new growth while combining ERP services that blend our proven and integrated strategic marketing methodologies to finally generate that elusive marketing ROI.

FabCom’s BI/Analytics architects and strategists construct and design turnkey initiatives that create measurable business re-design objectives. This results in the achievement of defined goals in improvements within process efficiency, growth, and profitability. At FabCom, we believe it is all about the process of connecting your available markets to a brand, product, or service with an accelerating rate of growth and efficiency. And, quite possibly, more Z’s for you.

A History to Leverage
Historically, FabCom’s decades of innovative C-Level BI engagement models have transcended financial dictum to provide clients of all major industries lasting profits and scalable growth. We do this by integrating strategies shaped by actionable and empowering business intelligence for integrated marketing to enable alignments that generate competitive innovation within and across organizational borders.

Custom Alignment
Marketing business intelligence and strategy teams within this integrated marketing and advertising agency can focus on right-sizing the entire business process as a whole or on the specific alignments required within a larger business process in order to achieve the greatest possible benefits to your organization and your customers.

Fundamentally, re-thinking or deep thinking regarding how your organization feels and aligns to your markets drives the dramatic improvement that distinguishes your organization to your stakeholders. Whether it is re-engineering models from conventional process improvement efforts within a functional subprocess or incremental improvements in product line expansions you seek, all of it can be considered and a plan developed that is customized to your SWOTs—unleashing your company’s true potential. With an integrated approach to your marketing and business objectives, we can help provide holistic business goals throughout multiple implementation areas leveraging engineered efficiency and customer-centric harmony across your entire organization.

When you hire Team FabCom, prepare for impact
FabCom generates broad organizational impact through the designing, developing and deploying, on an ongoing adaptive basis, of multidimensional enterprise business intelligence. What occurs as a result is powerful — the effective resolution of business process, technology mash-up, and preventive maintenance issues by a harmonized symphony of solution architects, executive strategists, in-house BI environment developers, and end-to-end implementation teams. The result enables the applied strategy to rapidly capture market share.

Find out more about the IBM Watson approach and what FabCom can help you with as a certified partner.

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