Our comprehensive dynamic marketing communication services include research, advertising, strategic planning, design development, campaign implementation, audience segmentation, and more.

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event and environment marketing

Events, trade shows, and professional conferences are targeted environments where influence for your brand can be optimized. Environment marketing is where the rubber meets the road and often serves as a key component in your public relations, sales team, and integrated strategic marketing efforts. It’s only when your event and professional conference marketing and advertising are leveraged together in the most relevant manner that they yield the desired results. Because environment marketing is logistically complex, poor event marketing can drain a company’s resources and fail to achieve the desired goals and objectives.

FabCom’s specially-trained staff take event marketing, street level marketing or professional brand debuts from concept to completion, handling everything in between. Event marketing services include planning, coordination, publicity/public relations, integrated marketing funnels, program development, event facilitation, conference pre-marketing, post follow-up lead nurturing, script-writing, super graphics, vehicle graphics, on-site support for video production, and webinars as well as social media broadcast and facilitation. As a fully integrated, cross-channel, cross-media advertising and marketing agency, FabCom takes the nightmare off your hands and turns events into powerful weapons in your advertising and marketing plan.

Trade show and conference marketing connects your company with your industry’s peers who share common interests to achieve a goal. These events reinforce your market position and demonstrate your company’s understanding of the trends, challenges, and opportunities that exist in the marketplace. FabCom’s trade show marketing expertise spans three decades, with a team that ensures your trade shows and advertising sales conferences build awareness of your brand, generate new leads, nurture prospects, grow distribution, conduct training, and enhance your customer relationships.

What types of events leverage your brand the best? Should you attend a professional conference or a trade show convention? Is a symposium different than a summit? Our team of coordinators, art directors, programmers, content developers, media buyers, and marketing business intelligence experts work together to discern what strategically aligns best with your company’s goals, and design a coordinated presence for your brand that gets noticed and expands your professional network.

These venues are valuable on their own, but when woven into FabCom’s strategic marketing planning and cross-channel integration, they become a powerful catalyst for new business growth.

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