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experiential marketing

Your brand can now create the true feeling of collective effervescence through an immersive experience that bolsters your brand’s values, culture, and vision. Experiential marketing cuts through the advertising clutter by being intrinsically more relevant and engaging. Creating actual value for your brand through one-on-one interactions, experiential marketing campaigns foster new connections and meet customer preferences.

Often also referred to as event marketing, on-ground marketing, live marketing, engagement marketing, participation marketing, loyalty marketing, or special events, experiential marketing is a bit like buzzword soup. Engaging audiences through interactive branded elements, experiential marketing envelops customers in a dynamic experience.

Experiential marketing isn’t dedicated specifically to events, but it tends to be event-centric with a focus on creating genuine interactions and connections between your brand and audience. By creating an experience that evokes a positive emotional connection with the brand, experiential marketing offers a win-win for your brand and constituencies.

Selling smells—let your customers experience your brand.

With the goal of creating general positive sentiment surrounding your brand, our objective is to thrill and influence consumers to delight while surpassing your marketing goals. When executed by an experienced, integrated team, experiential marketing cultivates positive sentiment within constituencies to increase customer loyalty and lifetime value.

FabCom’s capabilities work as your immersive storyteller. By weaving your story around your physical, virtual, or hybrid environment and integrating your customers into the experience of your story through brand interactions, we forge captivating connection points to your brand built to deliver on your brand’s promise.

Experiential marketing campaigns require a holistic, healthy, and integrated approach. Including elements of traditional and digital marketing, experiential marketing campaigns are interactive and one-to-one by creating physical interactions with your brand while enabling personalization that’s only realized with the latest AI tech stacks.

While traditional experiential marketing was physical with minor digital integration (e.g. social share campaign elements) as human-computer interaction increases in fidelity, experiential marketing campaigns are turning increasingly digital. Companies are turning toward hybrid experiences and reducing costs by incorporating converging technologies in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and AI. By leveraging new immersive technology, such as lidar, haptic, and projection mapping to create experiential wall-to-wall designs and immersive exhibits, we bring your brand’s story to life.

By understanding the demographic, psychographic, and behavioral factors of your target audience, we take an informed approach in crafting an experience that resonates. And through our integrated process, experiential marketing is accessible to brands of all sizes.

Creating these wow moments enables your audience to actively participate in the experience, engaging multiple senses in wonderment. The very best campaigns resonate and inspire your audience to keep telling your story, unlocking endless social sharing and third-party validation opportunities.

Investing in experiential marketing may seem unattainable for small to mid-sized brands, especially when big brands are generating experiences that outperform Hollywood. But unlike PPC or integrating a new channel, experiential marketing can foster positive social sentiment through a self-fulfilling prophecy. If your audience loves the experience, they will circulate it through their own channels and networks.

Engaging multiple senses, immersive branded environments and marketing campaigns are the perfect asset for brands looking to provide the unexpected and engaging to create new connections. Deliver an unforgettable experience through your brand’s story.

Immersive experiential marketing capabilities:

  • Branded environments
  • Classes, workshops, training
  • Product launches/showcases
  • Virtual and hybrid events
  • Internal events
  • Pop-ups

About HReality

HReality, a first-person mixed reality environment, is disrupting the industry by creating professional virtual experiences so uniquely personalized and desirable, they drive customer engagement. By introducing natural human behaviors and appearances into professional VR environments and interactions, HReality helps foster true-to-life interactions, knowledge transfer, and networking virtually.

By combing the latest converging technologies, HReality creates fully explorable, engaging, realistic environments that allow people to “walk” around and actively participate in immersive branded corporate environment, tours, conference centers, product launches, trade shows, conventions, campuses, classrooms, retail experiences, and more.

FabCom, the integrated agency engineering HReality, offers exclusive AR and VR production services to help your brand cross the virtual bridge to the metaverse.

Interested in virtual or hybrid events? The difference that a top integrated marketing and advertising agency makes is return on your investment. While HReality Events is already revolutionizing the event industry with streamlined pricing that ensures event hosts retain 70% event profits, HReality Events also includes affiliated marketing services and event support by FabCom.

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