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vr/ar production

As marketing channels and social platforms shift and your customers shift to new mediums, FabCom offers the perfect way to migrate your brand to stay connected, relevant, and engaging. Supporting interactive and 360-degree videos and augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) integrations, we can efficiently transition your brand toward a hybrid of the metaverse or Web3. New frontiers are being explored by brands of all sizes when it comes to connecting with new and old stakeholders, it’s time for your brand to get into the game.

In the age of digital transformation, bolstered by best of class marketing methodology and the array of hybrid technologies in VR, AR, and conventional video, FabCom as an integrated marketing agency provides incredible virtual customer experiences that outperform conventional brand experiences driven from traditional channels to enhance in-person or remote brand engagement and one-to-one connections.

It’s just the beginning of virtual integration to create the metaverse, and FabCom is leading the professional communications charge. There has been a giant leap forward in professional VR and AR technology, rest assured. FabCom is going on three decades of working with VR technology and developing VR and AR video through online and offline methods as a complementary technology for AI-assisted marketing funnels within ecommerce.

Like the Internet, AR and VR are changing the way business is done. From revolutionary apps to seamless web integrations to hardware that feels like it belongs in sci-fi, next generation technology is finding new ways to connect and engage your audiences, paving its way into everyday use. Moreover, in 2022, the number of mobile AR users is expected to reach 3.5 billion—adoption is fast, like the Internet in the early ‘90s. FabCom can get you there.

The convergence of new technology from the gaming industry, serious simulations, and Hollywood, enabled purposing VR and AR to create enhancive virtual branded experiences within normal marketing and advertising agency campaign cycles. Along with the new VR capability, new marketing methods have been developed over the years from Neuromarketology to achieve next-level interactivity and return on brand investment for commercial advertising within inbound brand experiences.

When mixed with experiential marketing, VR and AR can transform traditional events by enhancing one-on-one interactions with your brand to create preference and resonance. As we deploy this technology within industry and it evolves, it’s becoming another gold standard for effective dynamic marketing campaigns.

The timelines and, therefore, costs now match the 30-day cycles of integrated marketing and advertising campaigns, enabling us to purpose the converging applications of technology for brands of all sizes. Leveraging virtual reality videos, virtual branded experiences, and immersive branded environments within advertising campaigns can shape businesses in much the same way the Internet ushered in a revolutionary way of connecting customers to brands.

Virtual reality harnessed as a tool in high-impact one-to-one marketing campaigns can transcend all the techniques and methods currently used to make a prospect feel good, become informed about, or familiar with something new on their terms.

Imagine seamlessly deploying VR and AR capabilities in your online marketing. You might have daunting thoughts about integration and costs, but when you’re working with our end-to-end team, our truly integrated capabilities, workflows, and budgets may surprise you with how worthwhile the actual costs are for return on investment. With FabCom, you’ve found the fully integrated brand experience, marketing, and advertising agency that can take your brand, product, service, or idea from its infancy or current state to its ultimate destiny. 

VR, AR, cinematography-level visual effects, lidar, video capture, and animations just become more arrows in the quiver we leverage to tell your story. We work with you side-by-side to ensure the success of the entire production, from concept to delivery. When it comes to AR and VR production, it is never the what that makes the difference in your marketing, it’s all in the how to transcend the boundaries of traditional content production. Our integrated teams help your brand create resonance, and most importantly, a true one-to-one connection resulting in honest, enduring brand preference and motivation to action.

About HReality

HReality, a first-person mixed reality environment, is disrupting the industry by creating professional virtual experiences so uniquely personalized and desirable, they drive customer engagement. By introducing natural human behaviors and appearances into professional VR environments and interactions, HReality helps foster true-to-life interactions, knowledge transfer, and networking virtually.

By combing the latest converging technologies, HReality creates fully explorable, engaging, realistic environments that allow people to “walk” around and actively participate in immersive branded corporate environment, tours, conference centers, product launches, trade shows, conventions, campuses, classrooms, retail experiences and more.

FabCom, the integrated agency engineering HReality, offers exclusive AR and VR production services to help your brand cross the virtual bridge to the metaverse.

Interested in virtual or hybrid events? The difference that a top integrated marketing and advertising agency makes is return on your investment. While HReality Events is already revolutionizing the event industry with streamlined pricing that ensures event hosts retain 70% event profits, HReality Events also includes affiliated marketing services and event support by FabCom.

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