Our comprehensive dynamic marketing communication services include research, advertising, strategic planning, design development, campaign implementation, audience segmentation, and more.

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Because social media is among the most powerful networking platforms available today, FabCom integrates social media with all campaigns (where appropriate) and manages platforms to build conversations, reciprocity, and relationships with followers, friends, and subscribers.

Today, social media is the new PR channel. And by PR channel, we mean public relations and page rank. Social media not only functions as a major public relations tool, but it also bolsters SEO for page rank and increases search result frequencies.

We drive concrete results when it comes to your social media, interactive media, and mass media initiatives. Through deployment of real-time, integrated and automated technologies, FabCom is able to efficiently and effectively utilize Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs, and whatever emerges next to get you more out of your marketing dollar. All of your social media, interactive media, and mass media channels are reported, tracked, and managed within one integrated platform.

Radio? Television? Rich media? Leaderboards? Skyscrapers? Print ads? Street feeds? We’re all over those too.

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