Our comprehensive dynamic marketing communication services include research, advertising, strategic planning, design development, campaign implementation, audience segmentation, and more.

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public relations

Building new relationships and enhancing existing ones between organizations and their publics are essential to leveraging brand equity, managing reputations, and establishing even greater levels of trust. FabCom was started three decades ago with a focus on these public relations principles.

FabCom’s public relations strategies include a powerful combination of community and media relations, and integrated real-time, cross-media, cross-channel strategic marketing.

Public relations messages that best reflect the organization and its strengths are developed and conveyed consistently in all relevant media channels and other community-building avenues as appropriate. Our public relations initiatives are not afterthoughts, but strategic tactics tightly woven into the integrated marketing and advertising planning.

Media channels include the highly personal relationship-building platforms found in today’s social media channels. Optimizing their use is the new public relations. FabCom, as a fully integrated advertising and marketing agency, can lead your company to the most relevant social interfaces that open new doors for the entire world to talk about your brand.

FabCom’s public relations staff is comprised of seasoned professionals from diverse backgrounds who are well versed in all types of public relations, including communication plan development, investor relations, employee relations, community relations, and crisis management communication.

FabCom has the expertise to harness the power of today’s rapidly expanding and diverse media platforms that, when targeted and aligned to your unique brand and demographic, leverages your strengths and helps you build your brand.

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