livestream events

In the age of technology, there’s no reason to take unnecessary health risks to share and receive information. You’ve invested time and money into planning your event. Whether it be a conference, graduation, or tradeshow, don’t let coronavirus ruin your event—livestream it.

Turn lemons into lemonade and take your event to the next level. Create immersive virtual experiences by capturing the true emotion of your event by hiring a full team of video and IT pros. We provide a start to finish and beyond hybrid virtual event experience. We take care of all the strategy, planning, project management, equipment, expertise and execution. No need to sweat the details, we got ‘em.

How it works:

  • Your event happens as scheduled (no cancelling speakers and vendors).
  • Your people stay safe.
  • You receive high quality content from the livestream to leverage over the next year as marketing content.
  • We handle all livestream planning, including show flow, videography, production, and broadcasting.

As an integrated agency that’s had a successful track record of coordinating and facilitating graduations, conferences, and tradeshows, we’ve been implementing live 4K video feed as part of our event videography for years.

With the livestream model, would-be event attendees can access speaker presentations, panel discussions, and one-on-one speaker interviews from the safety of their couch. We can live broadcast the event and make it available to attendees on a pay-per-view site, which can be viewed at any time, not only when the event is happening.