livestream events

In the age of digital transformation, bolstered by the array of hybrid AR/VR and conventional video technologies, we can now provide incredible customer experiences that rival and outperform conventional, in-person brand experiences. Seriously, we are not talking about a student YouTube event, or the typical AV/IT department production that has set the standard for streaming the last decade.

There has been a giant leap forward in professional conference style VR event production. Many leading marketing agencies have been working towards developing the VR and AR video methods as a complimentary technology for AI-assisted marketing funnels within ecommerce. Along with the new VR capability, new marketing methods need to be developed to achieve the next level of interactivity and return on brand investment for commercial advertising within inbound brand experiences. We are now offering major network quality streaming seen on your nightly news as the standard.

With the current social climate, and the costs associated with corporate travel to professional conferences, there’s no reason to take unnecessary health risks to share and receive information. You’ve invested time and money into planning your event. Whether it be a professional conference, graduation, or tradeshow, don’t let a global pandemic ruin your event—livestream it. Just imagine—these capabilities are so much more than your aunt going live on Facebook, we’re talking an NBC-style livestream production—an experience similar to watching the Academy Awards or playing a world class MMO game. You control your engagement (yes, this can be with an avatar if you would like us to build one for your customers).

Turn lemons into lemonade and take your event to the next level with our Hybrid Reality (HReality) offering. Create immersive virtual experiences by capturing the true emotion of your event by hiring a full team of video and IT pros. We provide a start to finish and beyond hybrid virtual event experience. We take care of all the strategy, planning, project management, equipment, expertise, and execution. No need to sweat the details, we got ‘em.

How it works:

  • Your event happens as scheduled (no cancelling speakers and vendors).
  • Your people stay safe.
  • You receive high quality content from the livestream to leverage over the next year as marketing content.
  • We handle all livestream planning, including show flow, videography, production, and broadcasting.