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The world is oversaturated with content. So much so, a study published by IMB claims that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years. Now that’s a lot of content. How important is it to cut through the clutter? Your online growth and conversion percentages will tell the tale. In our real-time connected world of websites and interactive social media, developing the most relevant and engaging content is the key in the sea of cheaper and faster content that gets abandoned or not. Then, and keeping your content development up-to-date and optimized is critical for success and the only way for your content to be seen among all the advertising noise.

Content development is all about getting a brand noticed online and then resonating offline to create brand affinity. This requires smart, engaging words, images, videos, and animations that shine through the countless social feeds, websites, brochures, print ads, radio spots, TV commercials, etc. that people see every day to provide connectivity to your brand promise. By combing the best of business strategy, creative, and new technology with the ability to smartly weave content development efforts with dynamic marketing campaign development efforts and be indexed so your customers can find you, FabCom, a new breed marketing and advertising agency in Scottsdale, AZ, can stretch your budgets to encompass the emerging channels. FabCom has been crafting content for digital media, interactive media, social media, and emerging media for many years, with a focus on engaging individual consumers in a conversation about your brand that builds trust and loyalty.

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