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Leading with Strategy: Event Production and Integrated Advertising

We invest in state-of-the-art equipment. The best equipment produces good content. But the advertising we provide isn’t just good, it’s great. That’s because of the people behind the equipment. Anyone can hold a camera, but only the most talented creative professionals can produce our top-quality content.

Good technology, great production

FabCom has been leading the integrated marketing and advertising industry for decades. While we were at the forefront of the internet marketing explosion, you don’t stay on top based on luck.

What does it take to stay on the leading edge of our profession? Adapting and leveraging each technology advancement to improve the productivity and engagement value of the clients’ marketing spend.

This means we continuously integrate technology like live 4K streaming into our video production for our events, and immersive VR and AR video experiences within advertisements. We engage our clients’ audiences by showing them captivating and innovative content that is specialized and unique to each viewer.

Creating tangible value

While VR/AR is downright awesome, the tangible value to our clients is our AI marketing business intelligence, real-time ad tracking, and multi-channel dynamically-personalized advertising capabilities. That’s how we increase brand loyalty—consumers see targeted messages in the right place, at the right time—via marketing and advertising strategies aimed at increasing your company’s revenue and ROI.

Being technology innovators doesn’t stop at tactic processes. As the go-to integrated marketing agency, we have to adapt first and more successfully than competitors. How do we adapt and leverage technology more lucratively than competitors?

Two simple steps:

  1. Continuously invest in the best hardware and software that support the drive for success.
  3. Continuously hire the most talented, experienced specialists who also have a passion for growth and excellence.

Step one is the easy part. Invest in state-of-the-art equipment.

Step two is just finding the right people. Our team is driven by passion. Passion for technology. Passion for videography, writing, website building, coding, and design. Passion for marketing and advertising. Passion is what takes a talented specialist to the next level—FabCom’s level.

Event production from an integrated standpoint

You may be thinking, you have good equipment and good people, but how does this relate to event production? The answer ties back to how we plan the event. Strategically. Yes, most production companies can plan a successful event, but will they drive conversions to increase brand loyalty and ROI throughout the year? That’s what FabCom does.

We approach event production the same way we approach branding, positioning, and everything else we do at FabCom. Integrated and strategic. While an event may only last a few days, we put in motion a plan for success to achieve stronger brand loyalty and increased ROI throughout the year. Your event is a jumping off point, a place to kickstart success of your brand, mission, and cause.

Our event production based out of Phoenix is all in-house. We bring the artists, programmers, photo- and videographers, writers, audio recording, green screens for AR and AI, and everything else it takes to create a successful event.


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