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Unveiling the Innovation Of Dynamic Digital Ad Placement, Marketing BI & Real-Time Analytics - An Intern's Perspective

Involvement and Contribution As a Marketing Agency Intern

During the summer of 2019, I became an intern for FabCom, an integrated marketing and advertising agency located in Scottsdale, Arizona. I began my involvement with the instruction to help transform a conventional administrative office into a dynamic and cohesive business space. The objective being the creation of an entirely new environment, serving the vision of innovating and revolutionizing how digital ad placement is accomplished.

As an incoming sophomore at Texas Christian University, the extent of my marketing and advertising experience was strictly anchored to the classroom, and I had yet to see marketing theory put into practice within the ‘real world’ of marketing. Fortunately, I was provided the amazing opportunity to learn from some of the best of the best.

When it comes to fully integrated marketing and advertising, CEO of FabCom Brian Fabiano has become the king of this emerging area of transformation within the industry.

Intentionality at Work

I was tasked with the creation of a multifaceted environment within the agencies headquarters, including the physical space, and the team to occupy it. The goal was building a new type of team to service a new-breed dynamic digital advertising solution that has never been seen before. For the completion of such an intricate process we had to be creative and intentional about every decision we made.

FabCom places deep importance on business environment and culture, with the understanding of its effect on the business processes and the productivity of the team. Observing this firsthand, I was able to draw a parallel between the macro and the micro. The overarching, large-scale, concept of intentionality, as it applies to the business of marketing and advertising integration at FabCom, was mirrored in the development of the office space and real-time digital ad placement team.

The CEO and chief strategist conveyed the design vision to me, and I was able to work together with the FabCom team, including the CFO, on this project. I included the art directors to assist with internal design, UX directors to enhance the flow, and met with the procurement agent to order the furnishings and equipment to realize the new environment.

When we arranged the room layout, we placed four arced desks in two half circles, with a wide walkway through the middle of the workspace. The design of the office would provide minute-by-minute momentum and “integrated proximity” to promote efficiency, synergy, and real-time connections.

Everything was intentional about the design of this office space, from removing two walls and rewiring the electricity, to the selection of circular desks and standing computer system—all elements work together to create a metaphorical and physical circular workflow.

Circular Workflow

The circular workflow is of utmost importance because it embodies the work of the integrated digital ad placement team at FabCom. This four-person placement and distribution team is structured specifically for a fast-paced, dynamic, inter-departmental process model that the world has yet to experience. The success and remarkable results that will stem from this team are deeply rooted in every aspect of this workspace and the people within it.

The environment, the job cohesion, the candidate selection, the available technology, and the ideology and company culture of FabCom all work cohesively to bring about sustainable, long-term client success.

Job Titles and Descriptions

  • Strategic Marketing Behavioral Data Analyst
    • Finds best performing mix of placements and platforms to achieve highest ROI on determined goals and objectives.
  • Composition, Platform, and Messaging Specialist
    • Driving performance with on target alternative, composition, and derivative messaging.
  • Conversion Optimization Specialist
    • Data-driven, dynamic testing and validating activity value. Forensic attribution of lead data. Data collection integrity and confidence.
  • Real-time Tactical ROI Placement Specialist
    • Multi-channel placement, rotation, and digital ad trading.

FabCom’s expertise on design, analytics, and strategy is focused on creating a mashup hybrid advertising solution that is a revolutionary method of accomplishing digital ad placement across multiple communication platforms. The model includes the currency day-trading model, the traditional marketing ad placement model, and finally the one-to-one connectivity of FabCom’s own Neuromarketing model, Neuromarketology.

This circular, cyclical, and standing-pit-style workspace configuration is crucial because it emulates that which has proven successful on Wall Street.

Dynamic digital ad placement office

The clouds pictured above are much more than decorative, fluffy, ambient lighting. They serve a real purpose. In fact, they are smart tools directly linked to online data processing. What we have done here is created real-world flashes of lightning each time an online conversion occurs. This digital to analog process is triggered by the back-end code protocol response to a conversion in any specified ad campaignーwhen an interested customer completes a transaction, the clouds celebrate with a wink of light, creating a positive environment reinforcement.

Learning by Doing

Four crucial elements in any business includes an intentionally optimized environment, a polished business model, a well-trained, stalwart team, and infallible methodology.

From each of these elements, I garnered a unique understanding of the marketing and advertising world and learned how the best agencies put these elements into practice. The most valuable aspect of working with a professional integrated marketing agency is all of the wisdom and experience that cannot be obtained within the classroom. On the same note, I am grateful for this opportunity because it has provided the first invitation to apply my scholastic knowledge in the real world. Moving forward, I hope to come back and dig deeper into the process of learning how to strategize, place, and analyze a new-breed digital ad campaigns, and witness the ways in which they can multiply the conversion rate of any company that utilizes them.


Trevor Short