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Integrated Marketing & Advertising Delivers Business in a Box

These days, CEOs want it all.

In the marketing and advertising business, it isn’t enough to come up with cool ideas to help clients build their businesses. It doesn’t cut it to offer branding, custom websites, PPC, and social media management. Smart CEOs demand more and they need more than just a digital marketing agency.

Your Wish is Our Command

Recently, we had a chat with a CEO who was coming out of retirement to introduce his new software to the world. He had a product but needed a marketing and advertising strategy, integrated implementation—and an office.

He chatted with our new-breed marketing and advertising agency one day and 100 days later walks into the branded, fully-customized, tech-integrated office of his new company. With his logoed wall behind him, he begins conducting client meetings on his 64” curved 4K screen with integrated video system.

He had an idea and we had the plan and a full-service team of experts to implement the strategy.

We’re not your typical marketing and advertising agency. We don’t do a little PPC, some social media, a bit of branding, and websites. We go deep—we develop and implement full-service integrated marketing and advertising strategies for serious businesses. We listen to your ideas, and give you 20 more ideas along with a strategy, a timeline, and a means of getting it all done—essentially, we deliver a business in a box.

To FabCom, marketing is anything that helps or hinders your ability to connect your brand, product, or services to your stakeholders.

—Brian Fabiano


Sometimes marketing covers a wide area of responsibility from branding and video production to cross-channel integration and e-commerce development. And in this case, it even covered the office space. The CEO’s role? Show up to his new company and do what he does best.

Business in a Box: The Team

When you tell the CEO you’ve got a handle on everything from animations for his custom website to CRM integrations and target audiences he never imagined, he’s happy. But then you tell him you can also set him up with a sweet office, he’s thinking, okay, I guess I can take that three-week European vacation my wife was thinking about.

Obviously, when you hire a full-service marketing and advertising agency to go from idea to implementation in 100-days, you’re not expecting to also get an office out of it. The thing about partnering with FabCom is our team of experts are working shoulder to shoulder and you can call on us to do just about anything.

Our expertise goes wide and deep so when we’re creating your integrated marketing and advertising plan, and you mention you also need an office space, well, we can actually help you with that too.

When we created office space for our client, it was designed intentionally. We designed the floorplan to accommodate staff and both in-person and virtual meetings. We chose computer hardware, furniture, and finishes that reflect the client’s brand and unique needs.

Business in a Box: The Tech

Imagine the know-how needed to take a shell of an office and make it look and act like a fortune 100 company.

Besides all the typical drywall and carpet, you need to design an in-wall network and video cabling system, install a complete state of the art hardware setup, place executive-level 4k screens with custom screensavers, and set up and test all the system integrations so that, day one, everything syncs beautifully.

Your typical marketing and advertising agency doesn’t have this level of capability.

Idea to Execution in 100-Days

Our client was a successful, seasoned entrepreneur who needed a plan and a place to do business. We gave him both. In 100-days, he went from having an idea to sitting in his branded conference room taking client calls with his high-tech video system while reviewing his real-time dashboard digital advertising analytics, sales force automations, and branding videos.

It’s what we do. And we do even more—want to do tradeshows, start a conference, adopt a CRM that integrates with your ad campaigns, and produce epic content? We got you.


Brian Fabiano


Sarah Skidd