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Outsmarting the Competition with Business Intelligence

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Faster, more accurate thinking. Deeper and instantaneous insights. Today’s business requires a nimble, more strategically informed marketing to drive true competitive advantage. In fact, marketing campaigns that incorporate business intelligence (BI) tools and access the right data quickly will literally “outsmart” competitors. No matter their size or budgets. When David is fighting Goliath, it’s all about being smarter.

As an integrated strategic marketing agency, it is critical to reinvent your capabilities and teams to harness the new emerging and converging capabilities clients seek from a top marketing and advertising agency.

If the client could do it all in house, they would. It is the responsibility of a top marketing firm to assemble the new talents and new mash-ups of capabilities constantly required to be “on tap” and at a client’s disposal as they need the talent, experience, or bandwidth for support. The new frontier within integrated marketing is now crossing the threshold into real-time marketing business intelligence.

For almost 30 years, FabCom has continually explored new methods to enhance its strategic marketing capabilities through advanced technology and the synthesis of quantitative and qualitative data sets. Today, FabCom is the first advertising firm in the Southwest to incorporate the full suite of IBM Cognos and Watson business analytics tools into its strategic marketing arsenal. With the integrated Cognos and Watson Analytics platforms as a service and a piece of the puzzle, FabCom can now “think faster” for client no matter their size, instantly draw valuable insights from big data, and deliver world-class marketing business intelligence that rivals the sophisticated marketing of the top 100 enterprise corporations.

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  • Become the first and top-performing, customer centric, data-driven neuromarketing firm with holistic and advanced integrated big data capabilities to facilitate comprehensive marketing and enterprise level data driven marketing initiatives.
  • Deploy smarter marketing campaigns with foresight into quantitative and qualitative market trends and not yet exploited customer behaviors.
  • Deliver superior marketing business intelligence supporting executive decision-making capabilities.
  • Measurably and systematically improve marketing and advertising performance by combining unstructured or structured data sets to correlate real time, customer-centric sentiments.


  • Aggregate the 30-year history of primary and secondary market and business trends research expertise within the integrated marketing agency to form the core of the new business intelligence division of FabCom.
  • Provide an added resource, as business intelligence advisor, to the marketing and advertising agency’s weekly client meetings, sharing invaluable marketing business intelligence insights for precise campaign mid-course adjustments.
  • Provide an eternal well of quantitative and qualitative data guiding the agency’s comprehensive marketing and advertising plans as well as the strategic planning processes for agency clients.


  • Bolster the in-house marketing analytics, to harness divergent big data and micro data platform capabilities, by incorporating IBM Cognos into its strategic tool sets.
  • Hire additional qualified staff with related government intelligence experience that matches the key attributes required for big data and real-time customer behavior synthesis.
  • Send experienced existing and new staff for training in the Watson Analytics platform to facilitate the incorporation of data analytic tools for predictive modeling to identify customer and market trends.
  • Reallocate the primary digital strategist into the BI area, working back-to-back with a quantitative research group to flatten information to arrive at implementation or campaign corrections quickly.


For almost three decades, FabCom has provided locally, regionally and now nationally what was, is, and what will be the best of business strategy, creative strategies, and new technology. Yes, we are the kind of firm that skates to where the puck is going to be versus copying what may not have worked or what worked in another time and place. The trick to accomplishing this feat in our current economy of communications convergence? What’s best is marketing in a constantly changing arena that also requires customizing services around a client’s SWOTs and the industry or market competition.

As a top integrated marketing agency, FabCom added IBM Cognos Analytics to its existing capabilities as a primary analytical platform to amplify value and helps clients make sense out of any kind of partial or incomplete data sets they may have to start with. The firm now offers this advanced business intelligence, informing strategic marketing campaigns as well as business growth and risk decisions, for clients large and small.

The capability of the new software enables the FabCom team to operate as a top-performing, analytics-driven advertising and marketing organization. FabCom can now more effectively promote clients’ business objectives through a wealth of new business intelligence related to customer behaviors, competitor behaviors, purchasing data, financial performance, strategy measurement, and resource management. The IBM Cognos and Watson incorporates or extends the following capabilities into the integrated marketing agency’s strategic marketing and business growth services:

  • Identifying, targeting, and influencing optimum customer segmentations
  • Predicting which customers are at risk of leaving
  • Maximizing value of customer centric and personalized processes and cross-sell offers
  • Creating real-time dashboards from disparate platforms and information streams as aggregated and relevant data on desktop or mobile devices
  • Faster, more consolidated data reporting (total costs and associated costs of customer acquisitions)
  • Growing market share
  • Growing profits
  • Right sizing our brand

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With the addition of Watson Analytics, another discovery solution from IBM, FabCom is able to access powerful normalized and right-sized analytics that can quickly be put to practical use in marketing programs including automated data, predictive analytics, reporting, dashboards, visualization, and cross or disparate collaboration capabilities. This will provide agency customers deeper reach and more clarity to efficiently compare business scenarios, identify potential opportunities, and balance risks against expected returns.

Using Watson, FabCom supports clients’ decisionmaking abilities by delivering:

  • Better, vetted, and more relevant data
  • Quantitative and qualitative answers across varying business areas
  • Empowering brands to truly understand the 360-degree array of factors driving customer response
  • Synthesized, executive-friendly data sets and visualizations to tell a compelling, truthful, and vetted story about a client’s own capabilities and products
  • Analysis of trends, correlations, patterns, and predictions right-sized to an exact industry niche or sub niche and any segmentation differences or nuances.


By using Cognos and Watson Analytics, FabCom has developed integrated marketing campaigns for clients that generate new business growth opportunities and provide significant competitive advantage. In one example, a mid-size healthcare business process outsourcing client gained fundamental insight into its brand renaming, which was validated soon thereafter by a very public branding decision made by industry giant, Xerox.

  • See how business intelligence takes you further by predicting the market’s vector.
  • Learn more about keeping your brand ahead of the curve.

The cutting-edge technology used by FabCom has essentially leveled the playing field in the marketplace, so that smaller and mid-sized market cap firms can now compete more effectively with industry giants.

Leading the way in marketing technology applications in the Southwest, FabCom is leveraging business intelligence and data analytics solutions to illustrate more compelling scenarios that drive customer allegiance and optimize the client’s business strategy. As a result, clients can now “outsmart” their competition today while staying responsive to a dynamic digital marketplace in which powerful data and insights will no doubt be the future currency for success.


Brian Fabiano


Linda Tyler