Healthcare Information Technology Company

Healthcare IT Brand Essence Logo

Healthcare Information Technology Company


Address target audiences’ most urgent needs for improved technological interoperability.


Create a highly visual fluid motion logo representing the concept of Unity Within that markets the client’s culture, expertise, and teamwork in unifying operations.


  • Enterprise lead CDOs (care delivery organizations).


Established a viscerally resonating positioning campaign with the logo as a framework for the new company launch.

High-resolution zoomed in image of a brand logo by FabCom, which has a U that is made of small blue boxes with white borders. Zoomed in image of brand logo created by FabCom that shows the black and blue text that was used. Zoomed in image of brand logo created by FabCom of the floating blue squares that move off of the U in the logo. High-resolution zoomed in view of a brand logo developed by FabCom that shows the details of the blue and black logo.
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