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Integrated Marketing Firm FabCom Rises To The Top of Phoenix Social Media Marketing List

It’s as if we have rocket boosters strapped to our backs here at FabCom. That’s because we’re getting industry-wide recognition that demonstrates our team is firing on all cylinders in this new age of multi-channel social media marketing. Phoenix marketing agency FabCom has skyrocketed to No. 2 in social media marketing in Phoenix, as reported in The Phoenix Business Journal’s ranking of Social Media/Consulting Firms in the May 25 edition.

After 22 years of steady growth in the marketplace with offices in Scottsdale, Ariz.; Los Angeles, Calif.; and O’ahu, Hawaii, FabCom has continued to grow more valuable for clients since debuting as one of the first fully integrated (online and offline) span itemprop=”audience”>strategic marketing firms in the country in 1991. FabCom recently experienced accelerated momentum from the emergence and convergence of new communication channels. This momentum is fueled by our ability to integrate, dynamically, social media content into revenue generating web pages that boost not only our clients’ SEO and SERP rank but also our clients’ ROI, drastically, from their social media spends. Combine that with our concentration on the holistic integration of marketing for organizations as evidenced by an entire team of integrated media and marketing experts for each of the emerging marketing channels. The result is high ROI online strategic interactive marketing, super powered to develop deeper and more widespread connections to all facets of each client’s brand and most of all – convert customers.

A formula for success that works, so much so that our client roster is expanding along with our geographical reach, and is why we’re not only ranking high in social media marketing but also being named among the 50 Most Innovative Companies in 2013 by Fast Company magazine.

“The best thing about 2013,” says Brian Fabiano, CEO of FabCom, “is that we are on a roll because we help put our clients on a huge upward trend. It works that way in this business. The better you perform for your existing customers, the more business you earn. The difference this year is our methods and approach to holistic, real-time, personalized, super targeted interactive marketing across multiple channels that’s finally becoming more understood. It takes a ‘new breed’ agency that’s uniquely fit to deftly navigate the new technology and changing marketing landscape. I am proud of Team FabCom and honored by the continued trust of our clients.”


Brian Fabiano


Bob House