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Building your Content for the Best SEO Results

Very few professionals, in-house or out of house, can earn high-value positions on Google that will open your company up instantly to 91% of the available market. The reality is, 99.6% of content creators and pages created every single day by professional publishers (or what we as content creators and SEO ninjas refer to as “hang and bang” teams) earn for a company the chance to only expose themselves up to 8% of the available market – at most – or assures the company that it will lose out on 91% of your businesses chances to do whatever it does. So, how much are you saving by allowing the ilk of in-house content creators, a free-bee, cheap or someone who can administer IT networks or draw or design a bit to build and manage your website?

Here is another little secret of the content building and SEO arena. Without a partner that CAN achieve page 1 results with meaningful search terms, then a company would lose out on all but 5% of what you could achieve with a front-page rank by hiring the 99 out of 100 who cannot achieve the objectives nor scale them efficiently when achieved.

At FabCom, we have earned tens of thousands of first page positions for clients since 1991 and have earned hundreds of them for our clients in the last quarter. In this particular area of marketing and advertising, there is a lot of pretending and buzzword mashing by those that watch Youtube videos or take an SEO class and now tell their bosses they are Google certified. But the thing to remember is this: In most categories there are millions upon millions of pages competing for a first-page spot every day. Only 10 are available. So, the reality is only 1 out of 100,000 professionals being paid can achieve first-page ranks. Why not go to a firm with a team that does it every day across all 14 industry sectors and has been doing it for almost 3 decades. See if you want results once and for all. 100% marketing ninjas!


Brian Fabiano


Linda Tyler