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Social Media Marketing: Formula for Success

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Social Media Marketing: Formula for Success


Social media marketing is an essential component of 21st century marketing and advertising, yet how it’s leveraged is critical. The keys to success are strategy serving as the roadmap, in-depth industry insight, creative content that’s highly shareable and a team of engaged professionals who intimately know how to yield the greatest power for organizations.

Power results from connections with industry influencers that help build a significant social following, amplified exposure and heightened brand recognition

Because social media channels are among the most powerful networking platforms available today, FabCom’s unique interactive strategic marketing approach dynamically integrates social media into all campaigns (where appropriate) and manages social platforms to build conversations, reciprocity and relationships with followers, friends and subscribers.

This approach is why the Phoenix marketing agency has seized the No. 2 position in social media marketing, according to The Phoenix Business Journal’s ranking of Social Media/Consulting Firms in the May 25, 2013 edition. And it’s contributed to FabCom’s industry-wide recognition as one of the 50 Most Innovative Companies in 2013 by Fast Company magazine and one of the top 10 Phoenix interactive marketing firms by the Phoenix Business Journal in 2012.


In this new age of multi-channel social media marketing, social media is the new PR—public relations and page rank. Social media not only functions as a major public relations tool, but it also bolsters SEO (search engine optimization) for page rank and increases search result frequencies.

Gone are the days of communication where people glean their information from one or two sources. People search for their information in multiple ways, often simultaneously. They’re surfing hundreds of channels while they’re on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Splintering communication channels diverge like wayward firecrackers, heightening the potential for fragmented communication and the chance of getting burned as targeted messages go up in smoke.


FabCom leverages the power of social media and connects audiences by driving concrete results when it comes to integrating social media, interactive media, print media and mass media initiatives for each client. Through deployment of real-time, integrated and automated technologies, this Phoenix advertising agency efficiently and effectively utilizes Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, blogs (and whatever emerges next) to maximize output for each client’s marketing dollar. All social media, interactive media, print media and mass media channels are reported, tracked and managed within one integrated platform.


FabCom recently experienced accelerated momentum from the emergence and convergence of new communication channels that’s expanding the client roster at this Arizona advertising agency along with our geographical reach. This momentum is fueled by our ability to integrate, dynamically, social media content into revenue generating web pages that boost not only our clients’ SEO and SERP but also our clients’ ROI, drastically, from their social media spends. Combine that with our concentration on the holistic integration of marketing and advertising for organizations as evidenced by an entire team of cross channel, integrated media and marketing experts for each of the emerging marketing channels. The result is high ROI, strategic, interactive marketing, super powered to develop deeper and more widespread connections to all facets of each client’s brand and most of all – convert customers.


The FabCom difference is in their methods and approach to holistic, real-time, personalized, super targeted interactive marketing across multiple channels that’s finally becoming more understood. It takes a ‘new breed’ agency that’s uniquely fit to deftly navigate the new technology and changing marketing landscape.

And it takes a proven formula for success that’s the secret sauce required in integrated, multi-channel, cross channel marketing and advertising: the science of Neuromarketology™.

Founded by this Phoenix advertising and marketing agency, Neuromarketology promotes dynamically configuring marketing messaging to connect brand attributes with each of the individual target audience’s brand-matched characteristics through dynamic marketing automation that results in the most relevant method (channel, message, timing and call to action) for influencing the specific target.

Bottom line, it’s about effectively and efficiently establishing a real-time, personally-relevant dialogue with customers and prospects. Dynamic database segmentation and brand mapping make it possible for organizations to effortlessly reach deep into the splintering and diverging market segments and motivate a company’s best prospects and customers with higher levels of personal relevancy that drive them to action.

Now, FabCom can integrate the multiple marketing channels available today from TV’s new interactive capability, social networking, interactive online portals, the proliferation of interactive, real-time, connected personal communication devices and beyond. These are amazing two-way dialogue platforms through which a client’s brand can directly interact with individual consumers. Through this interactive marketing agency, organizations not only can leverage all existing media including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, blogs, offline event communities but also be prepared to embrace any future media channels, carrying dynamic, database-driven communications directly to each recipient in each audience, in the way and time in which they want to receive them. The result is unsurpassed ROI that’s guaranteed.


Brian Fabiano


Bob House