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Customers? Who? Where? Healthcare Branding and Positioning Shows You

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The population in the primary service area (PSA) and secondary service area (SSA) of a two-hospital integrated healthcare delivery system had traditionally been almost exclusively seniors. It was now transitioning very quickly to “boomers” and older boomers with families. The marketing challenge was to neutralize the 30-year perception that the system was for “seniors only” without alienating the historically older target audience. In addition to changing, the population was growing at an unprecedented rate with more than 25,000 new residents moving in annually. The majority of these people moved into the area with little or no awareness of their local healthcare choices and without a primary care physician.



  • Expand the system’s database of patients and prospective patients by 20,000+ per year.
  • Immediately link each new resident in the PSA/SSA with an affiliated physician.
  • Increase calls to the system’s call center for physician referrals by 50%.


  • Raise immediate awareness of the system and its services.
  • Develop the nucleus of a relationship management program.
  • Build and maintain relationships with new residents.
  • Create immediate confidence that the system is “the perfect healthcare resource to turn to.”

staying well kit


The positioning statement created for this newcomers strategy was “Start With the Experts on Your Side,” complementing the existing tagline, “Put Time and The Experts on Your Side.” A comprehensive “Staying Well Kit” was created as a direct mail vehicle to reach newcomers. The kit included a letter from the system’s CEO with three physician referrals; The Guide to Health, Wellness, Emergency and Community Services; a guide and enrollment form for the branded wellness program; a physician directory; a video introduction to the system; a variety of service line promotional inserts and a business reply card for comments. In addition, an initiative was created to develop a team of volunteers, named the Neighborhood Greeters, to hand-deliver the Staying Well Kits to the homes of new residents in order to increase response rates and lower distribution costs over the 444 square mile PSA/SSA. A staff position was created to contact local and national influencers to ensure distribution of the Staying Well Kits and new mover guide. Print ads were created to support The Guide and regular community “Fun and Fitness” events were orchestrated in order to maximize awareness.

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More than 99% of respondents of the pilot distribution provided their full name, address and demographic information (via BRC). More than 60% of these respondents also requested additional information on one or more topics. More than 66% of respondents found the introductory video “informative.” Other results of the program were equally impressive. Website sessions increased 70%, membership in the wellness program increased 58% and calls to the system’s “HealthLine” increased by 35%. The number of residents referred to system physicians increased 20% and participation in community education events increased 16%. The International Association of Business Communicators awarded the program their prestigious Gold Quill Award. The program was also honored with a local market Copper Quill Award oExcellence by the Phoenix Chapter of the IABC. Results of this program continue to grow as does the relationship between the client and FabCom.


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