State University Athletics

University Athletics Lead Gen Campaign

State University Athletics


Build support for the university’s volleyball booster program and bolster fund development.


Utilize cross-channel social integrations to implement a lead generation campaign advertising new opportunities to support the program.


  • Players, coaches, families, and community.


Strengthened the community and family members’ support for the team with a 2000% increase in fundraising.

Webpage developed by FabCom of an RSVP page and a Thank You landing page that both have a female volleyball player spiking a ball. Zoomed in image of a webpage developed by FabCom for a university volleyball team that highlights an event invitation. Image from a campaign developed by FabCom for a university volleyball team that pictures the legs of a volleyball player and information about the team. Webpages created by FabCom for a university volleyball team that highlight a player jumping and spiking a ball.
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