Health Sciences University

Future Healers Campaign

Health Sciences University


Target candidates to be mentored by community health clinics as future healthcare healers/leaders in rural communities.


Coordinated series of communications to community health leaders outlining the benefits of identifying and mentoring candidates to their practice and to the community at large.


  • Community health centers


Proof of concept

A bright blue and purple ribbon in the shape of a heart symbolizes matching mentors with future healers in this image promoting the health sciences university summer institute. Image of child on a farm holding a lost baby goat (kid) in her arms to symbolize the early realization of the child's life purpose as a healer. Closeup image of young boy with emotional look on his face, leaning against a chain-linked fence to symbolize his caring nature and optimism that could potentially prepare him for a career as a healer. With a major shortage of medical doctors plaguing America, this closeup image of an American flag symbolizes the hope for health sciences universities to meet the growing demand for community-based medical professionals.
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