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Witnessing the Power of SEO/SEM Internet Marketing at FabCom

​As you read these blogs about my discoveries of the inner workings of FabCom – a Phoenix area integrated strategic marketing and advertising agency – you may notice the many repetitive terms embedded within the copy. These terms include cross media, cross channel advertising, online and offline marketing, one to one direct and dynamic marketing, SEO/SEM, public relations, crisis communications, strategic marketing planning, integrated strategic marketing and advertising and represent the many powerful services available to our clients.

These terms, referred to as search terms or keywords, are integral to achieving maximum online visibility of a specific product or service. At this Phoenix area integrated strategic marketing and advertising agency, we want everyone to know about our areas of expertise that give companies the razor sharp edge and achieve unprecedented ROI.

With regard to online marketing, just how do we leverage our clients’ branding and positioning messages online in the most targeted manner? I’m discovering the power of FabCom’s online marketing and how the right internet marketing strategy, complete with SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing), is integrated seamlessly to provide a distinct marketplace advantage.

As someone who recently transitioned to this top Phoenix integrated strategic marketing and advertising agency from a company’s in-house public relations department (a former FabCom client) and always saw the successful outcomes of FabCom’s work from the client side of things, I now have the opportunity to witness the behind-the-scenes work of the integrated strategic marketing team and how they produce these amazing results. In my new role in copywriting, crisis communications, and public relations at this Phoenix area integrated strategic marketing and advertising agency, I have the unique opportunity to see both sides – from my former in-house public relations department role to my new eye-opening chance to witness the inner workings of how FabCom makes it all happen.

SEO is the technical process of analyzing how search engines work, what people search for, plus determining optimal keywords (typed into search engines) and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience. This SEO process enhances visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural,” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”), search results. SEM is the process of gaining traffic from or visibility for search engines and can be an umbrella term for various ways to market a website. SEM can include SEO but also may contrast with SEO by focusing on only paid components.

The finesse of SEO/SEM happens thanks to the expertise of our SEO/SEM/Marketing and Interactive Analyst, Peter DeReuter. I’ve learned so much more about SEO/SEM through Peter than I ever did before I arrived at FabCom. He supports executive strategy teams with in-depth analysis and research that drives results in meeting and often surpasses the client’s business objectives. His comprehensive SEO/SEM optimization schema is the application of actionable insights driven by online key performance indicators providing relevancy and accurate data that reinforces executive decision makers.

Throughout the phases of a strategy’s implementation, Peter’s strengths are in the continued optimizing, measuring, monitoring and tracking of internet marketing activity throughout all cross channel, cross media campaigns, and applying systematic analysis and discerning reporting of acquisition, behavior and outcomes of digital assets in all SEO/SEM activity.

Peter takes clients from where they were before they arrived at FabCom – a #3 or #4 ranking – all the way to #1!


Linda Tyler


Brian Fabiano