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The FabCom Difference: Multi-faceted Support

Rarely is the value of having FabCom, a full service marketing and advertising agency, more evident than when their team demonstrates support in times of a client’s greatest need. Other marketing agencies can talk about support they provide to their clients, but as the newest member of the FabCom strategic marketing team, witnessing just how much that support is demonstrated has been gratifying. The advertising and marketing team at FabCom leaps over tall buildings on a daily basis for their clients.

FabCom is respected as a leader in the marketing and advertising industry for its unique methodology and innovative approaches to cross media, cross channel advertising and dynamic online advertising and lead generation. What may not be as obvious is how responsive the team is in emergencies, how the entire team mobilizes and how all systems scale at a moment’s notice to provide full public relations crisis management support in any situation a client faces. We are a true partner with that client when it comes to protecting their brand. Our dedication to the client is 24/7 – 365 days a year.

When one client recently faced threat of a lawsuit and the resulting public website that posted brand damaging accusations, our entire marketing and advertising agency went into overdrive. In an instant, everyone’s attention turned to creating a plan of action and implementing all facets of it immediately. All 30 of the FabCom team members assembled in the war room for a briefing that included a detailed plan of action that was created in unison. With a full complement of separate but integrated skill sets at the client’s disposal, the team went to work.

Within days, FabCom’s strategic marketing team developed a two-phase crisis management strategy and launched a full court press public relations campaign to reinforce the brand, provide a full range of perspectives inside the company and outside to all brand stakeholders, and clarify details. In this condensed time frame, I witnessed an efficient, fast moving, well coordinated process in which research was conducted, client team meetings took place, power points were developed, not one but three micro sites were designed and launched (to the plaintiffs’ one), interviews and photograph sessions took place, messages for each audience were developed, and a positive, impactful public relations crisis management strategy was launched. All I can say is WOW. I have only worked here for about a year but I am still amazed at the passionate pros at FabCom. It is a team of marketing ninjas.

Phase 1 of this crisis management strategy ensured the other side of the story was visible to customers and employees alike, producing excellent results. Esprit de corps was improved among the client’s team members with many company-wide meetings affecting multiple geographic facilities and worker shifts, and the employee allegiance was strengthened and empowered to win the battle to preserve the brand reputation. The Phase 2 public relations crisis management strategy has been launched and is currently in process.

As a former member of an in-house public relations team, it was rewarding for me to have the opportunity to write copy that reflected these aspects and be an active part of the solution. But even more rewarding was being witness to this Phoenix marketing and advertising agency at work – with pinpoint accuracy to identify and implement effective solutions. Our dedication to providing an unprecedented level of public relations crisis management support, implementing extensive measures to get ahead of the negative claim and protect the client’s brand was met with tremendous gratitude. It felt amazing to go home at the end of the day realizing that we made a positive difference. For more information about FabCom, visit


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