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What Exactly is Neuromarketology?

​Neuromarketology™ is an emerging field of marketing that studies the reactions driven from the core brain based on the exposure to specific marketing messages, imagery and timing. It’s the science of knowing each of the target audience’s emotion connection points and methodology of configuring marketing messages to connect the brand attributes with each stakeholder in the most relevant manner for that specific target.

​The first step in neuromarketing, the act of Neuromarketology, involves heavy segmentation of the target audience into subgroups of individuals or organizations sharing one or more characteristics, beliefs or values that cause them to have similar needs and expectations and require a unique communications approach.

​Neuromarketing can then be achieved by “brand mapping” a product or service’s messaging to the individual targets or segments. By connecting each quality or facet of the brand to its corresponding target audience marketers can make the most relevant appeal to each prospect and customer, based on their individual perceptions, expectations and place within the buying cycle. This allows marketers to honestly communicate its brand coherently in different ways to different people.

​This is what knowledgeable, up-to-date marketers call “one to one marketing”, the whole basis of Neuromarketology.


Brian Fabiano


Bob House