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Values That Set Father’s Day and FabCom’s Strategic Marketing Apart

​Father’s Day 2012 was celebrated by families in many ways, but one way in particular was as original as Brian Fabiano. While I have known Brian for years – as CEO of the Phoenix based integrated marketing and advertising agency, FabCom, and innovator of strategic online marketing – and knew he had a strong work ethic, I recently realized how much his values of hard work, teamwork and delivering your best are instilled at home in his family life too.

Brian is a devoted family man with an amazing wife, teen daughter and son. So what did our fearless leader of strategic marketing planning, who could have asked for any number of material gifts, want for Father’s Day?

Togetherness…sitting down together in the family room to watch a basketball game on television, sharing commentary on the game (being the sports loving family they are), and initiating a family project – for his kids to organize the family videos and create a new one using excerpts of existing footage. The kids dug in, had a great time, were challenged to learn something new and put sibling differences aside to find a way to work well together. What resulted was a fun, creative video in the end that will be added to the family collection of priceless memories. This scenario is similar to how he challenges and inspires his strategic marketing team at his Phoenix based marketing and advertising agency.

While I’ve known that Brian is a well-respected pioneer of desktop publishing in the 80’s and introduced the dawn of the internet in 1991 to his clients, and an entrepreneur and author of the book Neuromarketology™, it’s become clearer to me that Brian also is mentor and coach not only at home but also at work and in the community. His high integrity and quality standards fuel him to continually inspire and challenge everyone to try harder, dig deeper, give it more…our BEST, to help our clients reach their optimal potential and stay steps ahead of the market or competition. The word “coach” is used figuratively…and literally at FabCom. He’s an award-winning youth AAU and NCAA-certified basketball coach who led a group of local AZ players from kindergarten through high school to ultimately win the three AAU AZ State Championships, 2 regional, 9 state AAU championships and 3 appearances as a nationally ranked team competing in Orlando, Florida. Each of the 10 team members won a scholarship to college, although 3 of the chose to take a academic scholarship offer over other athletic opportunities. You can find his basketball teams website at

His support for youth runs even deeper; he also champions underserved youth initiatives.

Brian’s coaching – in both respects – instills performance and integrity based values to develop winning strategies for success in basketball, in life and for all FabCom clients who seek the advantage of strategic marketing planning that sets apart this Phoenix based marketing and advertising agency. With expertise in cross channel, cross media advertising and online and offline marketing, Brian and his team unlock the formulas for strategic marketing and advertising success, and results for clients are guaranteed.

A FabCom client’s sentiment reflects Brian’s values. “Brian is a truly unique individual. His standards and team are so far above the norm, and his focus is on the value (results) of the work as opposed to the style, which is very unusual in the marketing industry!”