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One Client Team Member Goes on a Behind-the-Scenes Tour of FabCom’s Integrated Strategic Marketing and Advertising Agency

​One of the many things I’ve observed as the new kid on the block at FabCom, a Phoenix-based integrated strategic marketing and advertising agency, is the honesty and transparency with which our client relationships are formed. Our relationships form not only with the client company’s executives but also with the other teams such as Information Technology (IT).

I feel compelled to relay what I witnessed that day I was working in my office when the new IT manager for one of our established clients visited this Scottsdale-based marketing and advertising agency. Brian Fabiano, FabCom’s CEO/President, had invited him to our office to learn more about our integrated strategic marketing and advertising agency. The in-person meeting opportunity was scheduled to help the IT manager better understand how his team’s IT duties compliment FabCom’s internet marketing strategies for the client. To understand the look and feel of all that FabCom is and does in interactive marketing, seeing is believing.

The IT manager began to understand how FabCom provides clients with both traditional and new media interactive marketing technologies – the gamut from A to Z. It turned out the opportunity for this gentleman to go behind the scenes helped paint the entire picture and proved to be enlightening – for the IT manager as well as for me as I witnessed the client’s reaction.

The IT manager learned more about the resources of this greater Phoenix area based marketing and advertising agency, including personalized, intuitive real time marketing and advertising, transactional and trigger marketing, relationship and data base marketing, and one to one direct and dynamic marketing. The high-tech, high-touch method of cross channel, cross media marketing utilizes world-class, automated methodology ( and interactive marketing technologies to craft powerful and emotional messaging that target a vast array of different audiences.

This gentleman also had the chance to meet our team specializing in integrated, strategic marketing, business development, creative development, SEO/SEM, public relations, art direction, web design, social media, programming, production management, data analysis and market forecasters – the people you don’t see every day who make it all happen – seamlessly.

Plus, he witnessed firsthand the continual investment in state-of-the-art online and offline marketing capabilities FabCom makes to continually provide state of the art capabilities that achieve a one to one direct and dynamic marketing approach. When we lay out our strategies and implement them with honesty and transparency, we never fail to amaze.

Brian spent more than two hours talking with the IT manager, during which time he said “oh wow,” several times as he learned more about our methodology, our team, and how we implement integrated strategic marketing and advertising campaigns. He left feeling enlightened, excited about working with us, and much more connected. And he was very appreciative for the opportunity to learn more behind the scenes.

So much lies beyond the surface at FabCom. Sure, the amazing results of our integrated, strategic marketing and advertising campaigns are ultimately what counts. But how it all works is truly amazing and when clients get the chance to see for themselves, an even greater connection contributes to an interactive marketing campaign’s overall results.

The IT manager’s reaction is one example of what I notice happens when we have the chance to introduce people to the inner workings of FabCom. It’s all about doing business with honesty and transparency, and doing amazing work every day.


Brian Fabiano


Bob House