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Phoenix Advertising Agency FabCom Zeroes in With Targeted Advertising and Marketing

​How often do you notice advertising campaigns that miss the mark? It happens more often than you think. Why? Quite possibly, they’re not anchored to a broader, more in-depth strategic marketing and advertising campaign.

Whether an advertising agency is targeted and strategic in its campaign development can quite literally make or break a client’s business. In the sea of advertising agencies, it’s difficult to know one from another. So how do you know which one consistently hits the proverbial bullseye for guaranteed advertising campaign results every time?

Sometimes it takes a newcomer to the advertising industry with fresh observations to offer perspective. As the newest member of the team at FabCom, a Phoenix area advertising agency (and a former healthcare public and media relations insider who has intersected with advertising and marketing through the years), I’ve had the opportunity step back, observe and gain new insights into the advertising industry through FabCom’s unique methodology, Neuromarketology™. Here, we map out a company’s target audience’s behavioral, demographic and psychographic connection points to their brand or product attributes. What does this all boil down to? The most relevant method, the perfect time, the perfect place, the best message and best call to action for influencing the specific target to action that generate unprecedented ROI.

I couldn’t be more excited with the targeted results I see. I’m not the only one. Industry experts consider Neuromarketology as the science of marketing for the 21st century.

And I still never tire of the client reactions to this win-win scenario. Take, for example, the reaction of one FabCom client for whom we developed a comprehensive offline and online advertising and marketing strategy that strengthened their branding and positioning, and also shaped the framework to optimize their business’s future success. Our first clue we were on the right track began well before our strategic plan was presented – in the development of the client’s mission, culture and values statements, a critical first step for any business. The client showed up one day for a meeting at our Phoenix advertising agency and read the copy.

Both execs were surprised to find they had absolutely no changes to offer because these statements hit the mark – fully representing the company’s corporate identity and future direction. They were genuinely moved as he realized FabCom really gets it. That’s because this Phoenix advertising agency dedicates the time, passion and resources necessary to get to know the company and its people.

The day arrived to present the full strategic marketing plan, complete with in-depth marketing research, SEO/SEM, website development, cross channel, cross media advertising, relationship and data base marketing, public relations, sales force automation, online marketing, sales planning and one to one direct and dynamic marketing. Our plan also redefined target audiences and strengthened the client’s corporate identity that better represented their specialization. Tactics and products were ready to launch. A 20-33 percent increase in ROI was calculated over the next three years. The power of advertising, marketing and strategic business development was leveraged.

We were met with extreme gratitude and disbelief at the depth this Phoenix advertising agency reached to consider all facets of their business. At the end of the six hour presentation, the FabCom team received one of the greatest compliments we’ve received, that we are “Madison Avenue” advertising agency quality with the personalization and specialization of a boutique size advertising agency.

Move over Big Apple. This Phoenix advertising agency is taking one large, juicy bite.

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