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A Crash Course in Strategic Marketing Planning

​During FabCom’s marketing research and strategic marketing planning meetings that lead to the creation of its signature strategic marketing plan for each client, the team at this Phoenix area marketing and advertising agency always embarks on a journey of in-depth analysis and discovery.

PART IV: FabCom’s ‘deep dive’ strategic marketing planning – my crash course

​As I joined the team to experience my first “deep dive,” we gathered in the Conference Room. Branding and positioning ideas were being scribbled on a white board and an integrated cross channel, cross media flow chart was mapped out on a wall flanked by copies of creative marketing and advertising concepts. In the center of the room, the strategic marketing document was open on a large computer monitor as sections were developed. Inside the walls of this full service, mid-sized marketing and advertising agency, we were challenged to look deeper within ourselves, tap our well of potential, change our paradigm, take a fresh look at what was there and hardwire new ideas.

​Our deep dive total immersion into strategic marketing planning for the client was and continues to be an eye-opening experience for me. Not only do we embark on an in-depth journey to familiarize ourselves with each client, we get to know more about ourselves and our true potential along the way. When there’s a deep understanding of an organization, past and present, a detailed strategic marketing plan, complete with cross channel, cross media campaign development, can be developed that zeros in – with pinpoint accuracy – on how to best achieve future success and growth.

​The result for every client is a comprehensive strategic marketing plan, presented upfront, so comprehensive that often it reveals more information about the company than they ever knew.

​This thorough research and preparation phase unveils a lot about the client and FabCom’s strategic marketing approach to interactive marketing and advertising. And it touched a special chord in me personally because my deep dive tapped the potential in me.

​What happened in that conference room each day leading up to the strategic marketing plan’s completion created a total energy rush, so much so that I would drive to work getting excited about the day ahead and leave this Phoenix area marketing and advertising agency so energized I couldn’t keep from telling my family and friends.

​Working with a team of players consisting of: art directors, SEO/SEM managers, strategists, writers and account execs, everything falls into place as we arrive at the concepts that best represent the most powerful solutions for the client, a process that moves through creative and conceptual development to the birth of the ultimate strategic marketing plan including a cross channel, cross media campaign.


Brian Fabiano


Bob House