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A Proven Strategic Marketing Methodology: The FabCom Neuromarketing Difference

​What sets one advertising agency apart from another? In my previous life working in an in-house public relations department for a large healthcare system for more than 20 years, I figured there were a few differences in the services marketing and advertising agencies provide, but weren’t they fairly similar for the most part?

Now that I work for FabCom, a full service Phoenix area marketing and advertising agency, I’ve learned a lot more about the fundamental differences that set marketing and advertising agencies apart; among the many I have learned now working on the agency side is the methodology. FabCom’s can be summed up in one very powerful word: Neuromarketology™.

Pioneered by FabCom a Phoenix area advertising agency, Neuromarketology is a hyper-focused neuromarketing methodology that maps each target audience’s corresponding behavioral, demographic and psychographic connection points to a company’s brand. The science promotes dynamic multi channel marketing messaging to connect your brand attributes with each of the individual target’s brand-matched characteristics through dynamic segmentation and automation that results in the most relevant method, the perfect time, the perfect place, the best message and best call to action for influencing the specific target to action.

One example of the impact Neuromarketology can make for FabCom clients who seek a proven approach to strategic marketing and advertising is demonstrated in a case study of a private university that’s been a loyal FabCom client for more than a decade. In fact, FabCom’s average client has worked with the for more than 11 years. I know why because when I worked for a large hospital system, we partnered with the team at FabCom for almost 16 years and they never let us down. Now that I work as an employee of FabCom, I can see the hundreds of things they have sewn together to create a awesome symphony of capability all wrapped in a win/win performance with a culture based on a perfect balance of integrity and results they achieve for their clients.

From 2009-2011, FabCom developed a unique lead generation marketing campaign for the university, combining direct marketing tactics, online and offline marketing tactics and dynamic call center funnel tactics that sent a variable message to each lead based on their individual interest in programs. FabCom was extremely successful in helping the university consistently achieve response rates from the Neuromarketology methodology used to leverage integrated marketing campaigns at a rate of 3% to 4%. (Compare that to an average rate of less than 2% return in the industry.) Based on real-time granular offline and online marketing analytics, FabCom was able to make incremental copy, content, imagery and targeting adjustments to steadily increase results by .45% each year for three years.

After the client decided to test the validity of this neuromarketing methodology by implementing a lead generation campaign with a different “industry specialist,” the university had received a response rate of only 0.5%.

The university, upon realizing the low number of inquiries from this new campaign, promptly returned to FabCom’s Neuromarketology approach and requested a rush implementation of the tried and true cross channel cross media lead generation campaign they had implemented for them in the past.

This is just one of the many examples of the impact I witness every week at FabCom as our team helps clients align classical positioning and branding strategies with current conditions in order to maximize every facet of their brand development.

Brian’s Neuromarketology approach is the topic of speaking engagements and reflected in his book: Neuromarketology: Harness Converging Technologies and Diverging Audiences to Create Dynamic One to One Marketing and Astonishing ROI. For more information, visit


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