Phoenix Business Journal Names FabCom Choice Agency

Phoenix Business Journal’s 2009 Book of Lists named FabCom the winner of the agency choice award for its creative print advertisement.

The ad represented a profile image of a man divided in half. One side was a picture of a tattooed, motorcycle-like man. The other side was a corporate man in a suit. The headline read “They’re both 40-year-old college graduates, yet you can’t talk to them the same way.”

“The message we wanted to get across to prospective clients is that FabCom can help reach their customers no matter how diverse the audience,” said Brian Fabiano, CEO, FabCom.

The Best of Phoenix Advertising

The Phoenix Business Journal’s Book of Lists is the city’s leading top businesses publication showcasing the top 25 companies of each industry sector in Phoenix. It contains hundreds of listings of the best companies within their industry around the valley, ranking each by income or employees. It is distributed once a year and serves as a yearlong community reference tool.

Each year, the Business Journal takes the top 10 ranked agencies in the publication and requests they choose their top selection of ads displayed in the book. The Book of Lists becomes a platform for the top corporations to showcase their best brand image. With hundreds of companies displaying ads in the book, it becomes a competition to see who can acquire best placement for the best advertisement next to their industry listing. Premium placement in this book is key and companies create new ads each year striving to be the most prominent in their industry sector.

“We support team participation within each agency and we also encourage a broader perspective of thinking when choosing ads for this award,” said Jackie Wetzel, Advertising Marketing Manager, Phoenix Business Journal. After each agency has chosen, results are tabulated independently, and the selections are made for the top ads in the book. “We feel honored to be chosen as this year’s agency choice – our team here is full of creative talent and it’s great to see other professionals and competitive peers select and resonate with our work,” said Fabiano.

fabcom is the choice agency in 2009


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