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The Announcement: Phoenix Area Marketing and Advertising Agency Wins New Account!

​It was early one Monday morning when the announcement was made. The FabCom team already was hitting the ground running, but we didn’t even make it through our first cup of joe at this Phoenix area marketing and advertising agency when our CEO called a meeting in the conference room. He was calm, cool and collected, yet I could feel his excitement all the same. These meetings usually provide status updates on new developments within our integrated marketing team, but this time there was even bigger news to report.

​Drum roll please….FabCom had won a new account, a leading 25-year old Phoenix-based marketing and advertising company seeking to build its brand and expand business in innovative new ways through online marketing and advertising to create a national presence and reach.

​Together with FabCom’s Director of Business Development, our CEO relayed the client’s feedback on what made the difference and why they chose FabCom, an integrated marketing and advertising agency in the Scottsdale Airpark. It is always fun to learn why an account selected our agency from a sea of professionals who all claim they can do the same thing. Our professionalism and results-driven integrated marketing methodology were key factors. What mattered too was our 25-year track record of creating great results industry after industry. Mentioned also was our leadership, and FabCom’s track record and proven experience in cross channel, cross media advertising, and one to one dynamic integrated marketing. The integrated marketing team’s talents and creativity in both cutting edge online and offline marketing tools stood out heads above the rest, according to the client, and Brian commended everyone for the caliber of work that sets the marketing industry benchmark in Phoenix Metro area.

FabCom: Generating Business Results, Not Just Clicks

​FabCom’s wide areas of integrated marketing expertise and “chops” were attractive to the new client, expertise that they did not have in house. The client also was impressed with our dedication and specific focus at FabCom on the final results and total return for their marketing and advertising dollar. The client mentioned a key factor was our obvious understanding of what it takes to create and drive conversions, not just top end leads that may or may not convert. In fact, the client was most impressed with our proof of being results driven and our methods of tracking progress to ensure all marketing and advertising tactics and strategies include real-time dashboard reporting. The last comment (that made Team FabCom proud of our karma) made by the client related to how passionate the entire team is about advertising and marketing. They interviewed the top 6 advertising agencies in the city and felt FabCom had the experience and capability to grow the brand in new areas. The second round of meetings took place with 3 companies. The two remaining finalists each were involved in a total of 4 meetings.

​The client was looking for a team with whom to have a long-term win/win relationship, and really invested the time to meet each of the talents that made up the two finalists’ integrated off line and online advertising and marketing agencies. The client’s final turning point was when our CEO emphasized during the advertising agency selection process that although FabCom offers the best of technology, the best of business strategy and the best of high impact creative, they were only starting points for great work and great relationships based on results. They are obvious and given characteristics with the best advertising and marketing agencies in Phoenix but what makes the difference with FabCom is the talent of the people, the passion of the people and the integrity of the people that work at, and with, FabCom.

​FabCom’s CEO then stopped showing 25 years of advertising and marketing case studies, stopped relying on the advertising agencies average 11-year client agency relationships and those referrals, stopped showing power points and simply stepped back and let the talent and the passion of each of the pieces (the people) of the agencies marketing continuum shine through. The client said it became obvious, once they dug deep enough and past the plastic of most successful advertising agencies in Phoenix, that FabCom has the cross discipline experience it takes to generate dynamic, integrated advertising and marketing in real time that really works. The client said that after they really took the time to meet the people and review their videos on the Fabcom website, his decision was easy.

​The client added that they look forward to welcoming our Phoenix area marketing and advertising agency on board as an extension of their company family, which speaks to the power of a collaborative partnership and fits the mold of the kind of client that will generate amazing advertising results moving forward.

​During our initial meetings with every potential client, we discuss the opportunities and challenges facing each organization, and how our cross channel, cross media advertising and dynamic and integrated marketing services can best address them. This is an important get-to-know-each-othertime when our CEO and Director of Business Development complete their due diligence. That’s something that I’ve been impressed with about FabCom since Day 1. Before FabCom takes on a new client, we want to make sure the client is a good match for the services and capabilities FabCom provides so our integrated marketing team can ensure success and hit home runs every time. We wouldn’t choose to move forward with any client if we didn’t think we could be successful.

​With this news comes preparation for our next step: FabCom’s “deep dive” comprehensive marketing and advertising strategy development process that sets us apart in the industry and results with a comprehensive concentrated efficient process detailing the entire roadmap to success – up front. The comprehensive strategic marketing and advertising strategy takes off from where the corporate strategic plan leaves off. The detailed step by step plan and recipe to achieving the corporate goals and objectives provides a thorough analysis and multiple resources that provide the client with all they need to hit the ground running from day one. I can’t wait! It is so much fun for Team FabCom to create another great brand that will run!

​To learn more about how the integrated marketing team at this Phoenix area marketing and advertising agency make the difference, contact FabCom’s Director of Business Development at (480) 478-8519 or visit and


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