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Participating in a Strategic Marketing Input Session… Designed for Maximum Output

​There’s an aura of excitement surrounding each FabCom client, and our newest member of the “family” is no exception. That’s because we ensure our innovative approach to integrated strategic marketing and advertising is well matched to each client’s needs for our cross channel, cross media and one to one direct, dynamic marketing methodologies that define FabCom as an industry leader. When you feel confident the relationship is a good fit, it becomes exciting to know you can make a difference and measurably impact the bottom line.

​FabCom is entering the first phase of research and strategic analysis that will be needed to develop the framework for what we will shape into the client’s strategic marketing plan. We’re beginning the deep dive to find buried treasure that will help us develop this three-year strategic marketing plan yielding unprecedented ROI. Guaranteed.

​Phase 1 of the signature deep dive that defines FabCom as a leading Phoenix based integrated marketing and advertising agency is the familiarization process.

​We begin with an initial round of research, divided up among our strategic marketing planning team members, that helps to develop targeted questions we will ask in face-to-face-meetings with the client called “input sessions.”

​Because of FabCom’s focus on strategic marketing planning, we do our homework beginning on Day 1, conducting in-depth research into the impacting forces and all factors that need to be considered. With our industry leading resources, we uncover studies, white papers, industry trends and forecasts that can be tough to locate otherwise. But even this initial strategic marketing planning phase can’t be done in a vacuum. We task the client with homework too, requesting preliminary information including reports, procedures, collateral, office structure and more. This fills in some critical holes, and helps us refine our first round of questions that we will ask the client.

​The fabric of FabCom as an integrated marketing and advertising agency connects us with the heartbeat of the company and its people. To do that, our strategic marketing planning team needs to ask the client in-depth questions related to the inner workings and dynamics of their company and the market, employees, culture, target audiences, overall goals, strengths and weaknesses, services offered, mission/vision statement, brand and positioning, marketing history, competition, key issues, administrative hierarchy, technology resources, sales and budget. And that’s just scratching the surface! That’s how we develop our comprehensive cross channel, cross media advertising methodologies combined with one to one direct, dynamic marketing.

​When the FabCom strategic marketing planning team joins the client’s team in the input sessions, FabCom is ready with a 31-page document that serves as our input session question-answer guide that becomes the early framework for developing our integrated strategic marketing plan.

​The questions begin, which challenge the client to reflect more deeply than they may not have otherwise. When our input sessions end, the result is an expanded document that now is double the size at 62 pages, and growing!

​The client was impressed with how thorough our preparation was, and complimented the FabCom strategic marketing planning team for doing their homework and understanding the key forces that need to be considered, addressed and factored in to our integrated strategic marketing plan.

​What I love most about this process is how well we ultimately get to know the client, and they get to know us. Stay tuned for future phases of development in our strategic marketing planning.


Brian Fabiano


Bob House