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One to One, Cross Media Marketing Communications are Rapidly Evolving

Posted at in response to a post from Shelley Sweeney, VP/GM, Xerox Corp. Graphic Communications Business Group Service Bureau and direct Marketing Segment. Shelley’s original post covered personalized communications from the perspective of the printing industry. I wanted to be sure that all readers of this blog really understand the capabilities that are evolving rapidly in integrated, one-to-one, cross-media marketing communications.

​Excellent post on multimedia personalized communications, Shelley!

​If I may, I’d like to add my perspective as a former printing company owner and the principal of a leading integrated marketing firm in the Southwest that is deeply committed to the future of one-to-one, cross-channel, personally-relevant marketing. In addition, our firm has a decade-long track record of success in targeting, reaching and communicating effectively with college-bound students. I think it’s important for the new technology early-adopters in the printing community to understand how partnering with the right strategic marketing firm can deliver tremendous benefits:

  • Improved results for printers and their clients
  • Increased, Faster ROI from technology investments
  • Increased efficiency through automation
  • Progress from just “personalized” to hyper-relevant, real-time interactive, ROI-driven marketing communications

In my new book, Neuromarketology: Harness Converging Technologies and Diverging Audiences to Create Dynamic One-to-One Marketing and Astonishing ROI, we introduce a new methodology of dynamic marketing called, Neuromarketology™. It is the study of reactions driven from the core brain based on the exposure to specific marketing messages, imagery, and timing. It’s the science of knowing the emotional connection points for each of your target audience’s individual members and applying the methodology of configuring your marketing messages to connect your brand attributes with each target audience member in the most relevant manner for that specific target. It’s highly precise, dynamically-driven target segmentation that allows your clients to address every customer and prospect individually and relevantly — not just as a part of a large-slice demographic segment – in a fully-automated, end-to-end production and distribution system.

Brand Mapping: Enabling True One to One Marketing

When deploying this new methodology, we use “brand mapping” to pinpoint those brand attributes that viscerally move the mind of your individual consumers across a range of segments, on a legitimate, one-to-one basis. Once you make this paradigm shift, the methodology that cascades from Neuromarketology enables ongoing communication through a dynamic one-to-one dialogue with target customers in the place and manner of their choosing.

Whether it’s a print piece for a senior at home, a text message to a teenager, or a robust online offer for a Baby Boomer, the point is, they pick the brand attributes, time, and channel through which they most want to interact.

Now, integrate the multiple marketing channels available today from TV’s new interactive capability, social networking, interactive online portals, the proliferation of interactive, real-time, connected personal communication devices, and beyond. These are amazing two-way dialogue platforms through which a client’s brand can directly interact with individual consumers. You can leverage all these media including Facebook, blogs, offline event communities, and whatever media channel is coming next, to carry dynamic, database-driven communications directly to each recipient in a client’s dynamically segmented audiences the way they want to receive them.

Neuromarketology will show printers how to align classical branding strategies with current conditions in order to maximize every facet of your client’s brand. You also learn how to leverage emerging technologies, including database, dialogue, and personalized variable capabilities, to achieve true one to one communication. And learn to deploy in all existing and emerging communication channels to create ultra-personalized relevancy. Based on first-hand experience at the leading edge of the industry, this book provides a clear perspective on the new marketing landscape and step-by-step guidance on leveraging its unique opportunities.

To review a comprehensive case study of a college recruiting campaign employing this new technology, please visit Once you enter the site, click on “Brain Food” at the top right of the page and then select “Building the Alpha Geek Nation.” For more information on the book, Neuromarketology, visit

As a former leading printing company owner, and now piloting a leading integrated marketing agency specializing in variable content development and dynamic sales funnel creation, I would be happy to answer any questions about Neuromarketology and how it can dramatically improve your results and Return-on-Investment for cross-channel, cross-media, variable marketing. Just email me at [email protected].


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