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A New Vision and Marketing Commmunications Approach

Getting to know Brian Fabiano, CEO of Phoenix based advertising and marketing agency FabCom, in my former in-house public relations position was great, but working with him now has made me realize what a marketing communications visionary Brian truly is.

PART VIII: 21st century requires vision and a new marketing communications approach

How many people can say their boss is changing the face of an industry? I can. FabCom CEO Brian Fabiano’s entrepreneurial drive and innovative marketing communications vision are legendary and have earned the respect of peers nationwide. His approach to both advertising and marketing achieves home runs and out-of-the ballpark results consistently. Being a visionary has helped Brian carve a niche in the industry by building and leading a team with the best in business strategy, creative strategy and new technologies – and cross channel, cross media advertising campaigns – that harness the true power of marketing communications strategies.

Easy for me to say, right? It’s more than just my opinion; there’s documentation to prove it. Brian recently wrote the book on the new marketing landscape and leveraging its unique opportunities: Neuromarketology: How to Develop, Implement and Manage Dynamic, Real-Time, Cross-Channel Marketing Campaigns that Generate Astonishing ROI. His pioneering book reveals the unique Neuromarketology™ methodology of mapping each of your target audience’s behavioral, demographic and psychographic connection points to your brand. The science promotes strategic marketing messaging through marketing communications to connect your brand attributes with each of the individual target’s brand-matched characteristics through automation that results in the most relevant method for influencing the specific target.

The playing field of marketing communications has changed more in the past three years than in the previous 10 years. Brian not only pioneered Neuromarketology but the FabCom team – specializing in the most sophisticated cross channel, cross media marketing communication technologies – also integrates it consistently to create huge ROI for companies and clients.

In addition to being CEO and author, Brian is a teacher, mentor and coach. He nurtures the growth and development of each team member and draws out in us ideas and concepts that were there all along, they just needed to be realized. He also speaks to audiences nationwide to provide a clear perspective on the new marketing communications landscape and step-by-step guidance on leveraging its unique strategic marketing opportunities.

Prior to the inception of FabCom as a Phoenix based advertising and marketing agency, Brian was responsible for piloting the growth of a patent-holding top publishing company to $32.8 million for final sale to a public corporation. He also is a nationally recognized marketing communications innovator and leader whose expertise and insight into marketing, branding, positioning, sales force optimization and strategic marketing planning are sought by corporations and trade associations alike.

Brian founded FabCom in 1991 to help develop one of the first “online” and later full service advertising and marketing agencies in the country. In the areas of branding and positioning and strategic marketing planning, he has an extensive knowledge of organizational development, the intricacies of mergers and acquisitions, and product and service introductions in addition to his advertising and marketing communications experience.

On the operations side, Brian has developed and implemented sales force automation programs, database management platforms and real-time dashboard reporting and fulfillment systems for information and retail goods. A side note to Brian’s career: The first deployment of a Macintosh computer in the Phoenix graphic arts business was done by him. He was an early computer innovator and pioneer in the application of pre-press technologies.

He continues to be an industry innovator in marketing communications technology, particularly in the area of new marketing methodologies. These methodologies include cross channel, cross media marketing in the new “Web 3.0” world, such as one to one direct and dynamic marketing, transaction and trigger marketing, relationship database marketing and more, reaching the right audience with the right message at just the right time via the right delivery platform – all critical to successful marketing communications which leads to branding and positioning that takes hold, a stronger corporate identity and ultimately greater ROI for unprecedented success.


Brian Fabiano


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