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Leading Marketing Strategies Require an Industry Leading Brain Trust

Working at FabCom has given me the opportunity to witness the full extent of the brain trust – in action – housed within this Phoenix based advertising and marketing agency that’s at every client’s disposal.

This brain trust is comprised of FabCom’s highly creative team members – each of whom I believe represent the sharpest and brightest minds in the industry. These strategic and creative thinkers choose to work in an advertising and marketing agency environment because they thrive on the wide array of challenges and opportunities to problem solve and create one to one direct and dynamic marketing strategies uniquely tailored to each client and their target markets. With hundreds of years of collective experience in a wide range of areas, these team members are in their element in FabCom’s open, creative environment adapted especially to their creative natures that fosters out-of-the-box thinking. Each person works on this strategic marketing and advertising team because they demand the best resources and the most sophisticated technology in the industry.

Every day I walk into a world of expertise all in one location. With collective experience from around the globe, FabCom’s team members are passionate, seasoned marketing and advertising professionals who excel consistently in their fields. Their experience in strategic marketing is among the most impressive aspects of FabCom, because this comes from a broad range of fields, clients and industries, with knowledge in the newest online marketing methodologies as well as in traditional marketing and advertising. Fields represented include: artistic, photographic and graphic design, SEO/SEM analysis, marketing strategy, copywriting, interactive marketing strategy development, creative development, account management, public relations, crisis management, event planning and strategic business development. These people stand out in their fields, with specializations so unique they are found in few agencies and on fewer in-house company teams. This proves to be a tremendous advantage for FabCom clients who require this strategic marketing approach to move their needle.

Everyone feels at home here at this Phoenix based strategic marketing and advertising agency, among a seasoned team of cross capable marketers with whom they synergize. They crave a steady diet of new challenges and targets to amaze, and new products and brands with which to wage the marketing and advertising war.

It’s humbling, to say the least, to be surrounded by these award winners, leaders and innovators in their fields who hail from all over the world – people with the intellect, creativity and vision to problem solve, innovate and inspire. What a genuine privilege to have the opportunity to grow in my writing, communications and public relations specialties through their respective areas of expertise.


Brian Fabiano


Bob House