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HReality™ Recently Featured in Forbes and Fortune Magazines Among Others

In light of HReality Events launching in 2022, HReality has recently been featured in multiple publications for the agency's revolutionary method of combining converging connection technology to grow brands. Featured in Forbes, Fortune, CEO Bulletin, and CEO Views, HReality is a pioneering combination of AR, VR, lidar, spatial digital computing, and professionalication™, the professionalization of gamification. 

Engineered by FabCom, a new breed integrated marketing and advertising agency located in Scottsdale, AZ that specializes in dynamic and experiential marketing solutions to help companies bridge the digital transformation gap, HReality was built on the basis of creating professional virtual interactions. Developed to dynamically meet a variety of professional and educational needs, HReality utilizes professionalication through avatars incorporating realistic body language, body movements, and the nuanced decorum of one-to-one interactions within industry, business, and education. Through the integrative use of real-time haptic and kinetic feedback, HReality enhances immersive learning experiences.

FabCom, in partnership with University of Advancing Technology (UAT), is conducting ongoing research on the fidelity of virtual experiential learning within HReality when compared to traditional online education delivery to set the best practices and clarify the extent to which learning is enhanced when conducted within simulated environments.

While HReality integrates the digital and physical experiences, the platform is fully experienced without the use of VR headgear and gloves. This enables business to easily integrate the platform with the hardware and content they already deploy. See the difference professionalication and ease of adoption makes for professional business interactions in this comparison blog between HReality and Horizon Workrooms.

With the ability to be purposed in a multitude of ways, HReality is innovating the next generation of online virtual interaction. HReality is currently seeking beta partners for custom virtual environments inclusive of virtual classrooms, corporate training, next-level branded virtual experiences, and immersive retail experiences, in addition to the self-service convention offering, HReality Events.

FabCom has been catapulting brands ahead of the pack through digital transformation for the past 30 plus years. With the experience of transitioning brands from analog to digital and now digital to virtual as a bridge for brands' current content through digital transformation, FabCom's combination of services, neuromarketing methodology, creativity, and technology prowess creates the opportunity for metaconnectivity™ in a world heading towards the metaverse.


Madison Miller