From the Laboratory Directly to Your Bottom Line

​On the leading edge of marketing, neurology labs have been abuzz with studies on how the human brain responds to marketing and the possibilities for what is now being called neuromarketing. While neuromarketing is a new and powerful concept, it’s not the complete answer to marketing success. What has been lacking is the systematic application of neuromarketing to real world marketing challenges. Not only does Scottsdale Interactive have the unique capabilities to apply neuromarketing to your marketing challenges, we wrote the book on how to do it.

FabCom founder, Brian Fabiano’s new book, Neuromarketology, finally closes the loop from the science of neuromarketing to increased ROI. The book takes readers step-by-step through the application of neuromarketing via a dynamic one-to-one automated marketing workflow. Neuromarketology is neuromarketing supercharged by hyper-segmentation of target audiences combined with an automated creative/production system that delivers the right message to the right person, at the right time on the right platform to optimize recipient relevance and, therefore, ROI.


Brian Fabiano


Bob House