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FabCom’s Unique Advertising Agency Culture Sharpens Our Edge

Recently, FabCom president and CEO Brian Fabiano called our integrated strategic marketing and advertising team into the conference room. The head of the Phoenix advertising agency was unusually excited and couldn’t wait to play a clip for us of a cable television reality show called The Pitch. As we watched two competing New York agencies preparing their presentations to a prospective client, Brian pointed out differences and similarities among the advertising agency teams to give us all the opportunity to compare and contrast our business practices with theirs.

What struck me during that meeting was – with the vast amount of experience that Brian and his team has – how open Brian truly is when it comes to new ideas, new technology and how to synthesize them into applications for our clients. It’s true; seizing opportunities to continually analyze, learn and sharpen best practices keep our Phoenix advertising agency on the cutting edge and ahead of the curve. We (the agency employees and our clients) also continue to grow both personally and professionally.

Brian challenged us to point out similarities, differences and critique their methods and practices. He wanted our feedback on what we thought was interesting, what missed the mark and what was just plain good stuff that we can apply to our advertising and marketing methodologies.

Given our diverse backgrounds in online cross media advertising and offline marketing and one to one direct and dynamic marketing at FabCom, we pointed out what we felt were the pros and cons. While the winning agency’s concepts fell short, the clincher turned out to be, to everyone’s surprise, how they closed the presentation with a summation of their creative process and work style. Interesting enough, team dynamics with this advertising agency were an issue early on. There were differences of opinion that could have sunk them, but they learned how to consider the others’ ideas, and prevailed in the end. While at the beginning it appeared the competing advertising agency had the advantage over the other – saying it themselves that they brought greater insight to the table – they ultimately fell short because their marketing strategy didn’t fully connect concepts to cross channel, cross media advertising strategies reflecting the overall goals and objectives of the campaign. Their visual presentation was effective in some respects, but as professionals we could all see that critical pieces to creating advertising and marketing ROI appeared to be missing.

Watching this segment also validated FabCom‘s innovative, creative and strategic processes that, as a leading advertising agency in Phoenix, provide the best of business strategy, creative strategy and new technology. Together, these components of our strategic marketing and advertising methodologies, that include Neuromarketology™, move the needle for our clients far beyond what can be accomplished alone or without harnessing the converging technologies of the new economy that appear to most as a hurricane of buzzwords but is actually a tectonic upheaval in marketing and advertising as we have known it.

Brian ended the meeting in a most profound way. He encouraged team members to continually challenge him and push back on his ideas and each others when they feel theirs are better. He emphasized how much he welcomes an open forum of discussion and debate among our marketing and advertising agency team members, how important collaboration continues to be, and how receptive he is to considering new ideas from anyone, anytime and anyway. What his words reinforced to me was the fact that we continue to learn and grow from each other every day. That’s the true measure of success. Information changes daily, and to keep abreast and ahead of the marketing and advertising industry, we must continue to evolve daily too.

These practices are the measure of a true leader – and an industry leading marketing and advertising agency that defines FabCom – in every sense of the word. For more information, visit


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