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FabCom is Here to Help the Business Community

Our boutique agency got even more attention this week when MarTech Outlook magazine highlighted FabCom as one of the Top 10 Hubspot Consulting/Service Companies of 2020.

The article detailed FabCom’s use of dynamic, one-to-one, integrated, cross-platform, multi-channel, database, and AI-triggered marketing funnels, and the glowing review made us feel warm and fuzzy inside — but we don’t want to preen. Instead, we just want to get to work.

One thing that isn’t as well-known about FabCom is our dedication to family values — honesty, integrity, and support for our communities. As an integrated marketing company, we don’t just want our clients’ campaigns to succeed; we want to help other American businesses, their owners, and their employees thrive.

The key to thriving in 2020 is, of course, segmentation and one-to-one personal dialog powered by AI integration. And, to be clear, it is very possible for talented small to mid-sized businesses to implement this strategy in-house. The question is time.

Does your organization have five years to wait as you build and train an in-house team to create and configure an AI-assisted marketing funnel that generates desired results? By the time most small businesses achieve this, the opportunity will have moved elsewhere.

skating to puck

“Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it is,” advised hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. It’s our advice as well. At the moment, the puck is in the area of AI marketing funnels and dynamic segmentation. In a few years, it will likely have moved to newer tech or methodology. Unless the in-house team positioned themselves to be experts in that area in advance, they won’t be able to achieve desired results.

We don’t say this to denigrate in-house teams; without the proper training and expertise, it’s impossible to implement a fully functional AI-assisted marketing funnel. For them, identifying audience segmentations by behavior, demographic, and psychographic connection points and sending multi-channel dynamic messaging within 90 days is similarly impossible. But, for integrated marketing agencies like FabCom, we do the impossible on a regular basis.

Upgrading tech stacks and implementing new marketing capabilities is extremely important to stay competitive in today’s digital marketplace. Customers expect more from brand communications than ever before; thanks to interactive channels like social media, they expect messaging to be personally relevant, timely, and valuable.

Considering the complexity of building and configuring these kinds of marketing initiatives, organizational leadership could easily waste significant labor and capital on a boondoggle as they bang their heads against the wall to achieve this.

We don’t want that for you, your organization, your employees, or our shared community. Let us help you out. We’re the first integrated agency in Arizona to guarantee results by deploying the best of business strategy, creative strategy, and new technology to drive unprecedented ROI.

Our dynamic communications experts will be happy to talk with you about augmenting an existing in-bound marketing funnel or deploy a successful AI-assisted marketing funnel. Contact us at (480) 478-8500 or [email protected].


Brian Fabiano