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Exceeding Client Expectations

As a leading Phoenix marketing and advertising agency, excellence is routine and expected on a daily basis. But we will admit… every once in a while it’s nice to hear our clients sing praises for work well done.

We received this nice email from a client today after completion of an on-site photo shoot for the university’s student publication:

“Just a quick note to extend appreciation for the photo shoot yesterday – The students and faculty involved heralded your interactions citing praise for every member of your team having read the students’ work and being able to engage them on it; using actual student code (in lieu of generic code) during the shoot; using props that underscored an understanding of their respective subject matter; and finally, just making everyone feel valued and at ease. On behalf of the students and staff – I wish to extend my thanks to you and your team for a successful execution.”


We always do our best to provide the very best and positive feedback such as this is encouraging and lets us know we’re meeting, and exceeding, expectations.

Thanks to all of the great clients out there. Creative people love the strokes!


Brian Fabiano


Bob House