An Important Difference Between Website Optimization and Traditional SEO

A common complaint we hear from prospective clients is, “I hired a firm to get my website better noticed, but after I spent a fortune, my site is still on the third or fourth page of every defined keyword search.”

As many have learned, it is both time- and money-consuming to try and put an SEO crutch under an existing, under-performing website. We find that it is exponentially more productive and much less expensive to build the right website to begin with. A remodeled website will never be able to perform as well as one built from the ground up to include all the programming, formatting and strategy to excel in today’s hyper-volatile SEO competition. Even a new website built by most firms today may not perform well if it doesn’t include the platforms required and the unique methodology as well as the right technology to leverage your brand online and offline, cross-channel and cross-media.

Here are some examples for SEO-powerful websites that we have built for clients. Try a few of these searches and you’ll see results like you’ve only dreamed about for your site. You will see that our clients are on the first page of results – for local-area searches and world-wide. That’s the power of SEO driven by a seasoned team of experienced professionals, on-target strategy and the mastery of the right technology and methodology.

One of the hottest college degrees these days is in, believe it or not, Video Game Programming and Design. Our client, The University of Advancing Technology (UAT) is a small, private university that has outflanked many larger, established budgets for the top search results spot in this category.

Search game degree or game programming and on any search engine, you’ll see several listings for UAT high on the first page of results.

Same-day courier delivery is a hotly contested business category in any sizeable city. Try these searches and see where our client, Phoenix-based IntelliQuick Delivery (IQ) shows up.

Search local courier Phoenix or medical courier Las Vegas or medical delivery Chicago for proof that our website and SEO methodologies are rock solid.

In the category of nutritional supplements, Sun Chlorella faces more than 86,000 competitive outlets worldwide selling the same or similar product. The SEO performance of the website we built for them puts them on the first page of results every time.

Search chlorella and you’ll see the website we developed for Sun Chlorella on the first page of results worldwide!

We give ourselves the same medicine we prescribe for clients.

Search Scottsdale interactive agency – see high on the first page of results – that’s us. Try searching dynamic database segmentation – see – us again.

And we want to be known as a “dynamic marketing agency” in contrast to the static marketing that’s been standard operating procedure for decades.

Try Googling dynamic marketing agency and guess who’ll you’ll find near the top of the first page of results worldwide?

Our methods work, and work the first time as intended. We’ve proven it time after time. Powerful SEO capability is just one of the competitive advantages we can offer you – give us a call to discuss your situation.