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Brain Power

​Researchers study it. Certain foods maximize it. But harnessing the power of the brain doesn’t just occur in a laboratory. It’s the secret to mind altering, earth moving, revenue generating marketing. Just how you tap this previously hidden well of potential is the proverbial key to marketing success in the 21st century.

For several years, neurology labs have been abuzz with studies on how the human brain responds to marketing and the possibilities in what is now being called neuromarketing.

Recent articles in two well respected publications support the connection between neuroscience and marketing (Forbes, Dec. 12, 2012 and Advertising Age, Oct. 3, 2012), focusing specifically on the behavioral aspects of neuromarketing. This represents a critical shift in how marketing is implemented today, and I applaud the authors for bringing to the forefront the integration of information and technology to maximize audience engagement and connection.

While neuromarketing is a new and powerful concept, it’s only part of the marketing equation.

Enter Neuromarketology™, pioneered by our integrated marketing and advertising agency FabCom, that maps not only the behavioral aspects of your target audiences but also the demographic and psychographic connection points to your marketing brand. Delivering the right message to the right person at the right time on the right platform creates a heightened level of relevant messaging that emotionally connects with each consumer and spurs them to action. This scientific approach to integrating the behavioral, psychographic and demographic components of your audience becomes the secret sauce that creates a detailed roadmap connecting to your brand and unleashing a company’s maximum ROI potential – with guaranteed results.

The challenge in traditional marketing has been that communications platforms exploded in the past few years while consumer audiences and media channels have splintered into fragments that are hard to pin down, let alone address effectively. Aligning classical branding strategies with current conditions is necessary to persuasively communicate the most relative facets of a company’s brand to the right audiences.

This is more than just marketing speak; this methodology has been market tested at our marketing and advertising agency in the Phoenix metropolitan area for more than 20 years among clients across the country. It’s gaining industry consensus and national recognition because marketing ROI conversions are skyrocketing for clients, on average 400 percent!

That’s because the focus is turned to bottom line conversions of individual prospects versus the topical and misguiding, homogenizing last click attribution focus in many marketing departments today.

It’s exciting to witness the impact this methodology not only is having on our clients’ success but also in the marketing industry nationwide. What was a secret for years among clients now is gaining traction in the media and earning the respect of industry experts.

Turn 2013 into a year to leverage. Get the book at and let the growth begin! For more information about the firm that has been implementing these types of campaigns for more than two decades, visit

Brian Fabiano is the founder and CEO of FabCom, an integrated full-service marketing and advertising agency in Arizona specializing in high-performance, dynamic real-time marketing and audience segmentation. He has pioneered the Neuromarketology™ methodology, and is author of Neuromarketology: Harness Converging Technologies and Diverging Audiences to Create Dynamic One to One Marketing and Astonishing ROI.


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