Scottsdale Agency Revolutionizes Website Navigation

Fabiano Communications (FabCom) has launched a new interactive website which provides industry-leading breakthroughs in website interaction, navigation and one-to-one intelligence.

“We have created hundreds of websites since we launched our own, and fortunately, due to smart innovative use of technologies available at the time, we were able to continue to grow as a top ten agency in Phoenix with a ten-year-old site. We were in the classic situation of being the shoe-maker with holes in his shoes,” said Brian Fabiano, CEO, FabCom.

“It was time to use some of the technology and talents assembled by our team over the last decade for our own promotion,” added Fabiano.

“From entry, the user will experience a personalized expression as dynamically creative background pallets are displayed, based on the user’s initial reason to view the website. The new web experience delivers a completely non-linear navigation in 3D space enabling the user to easily locate content from anywhere within the site. Users will enjoy working with the interface that frees the viewer from the traditional up, down, left, right navigation to date,” said Lenny Bugéy, Lead Interactive Art Director, FabCom.

With the innovations FabCom has brought to the market and recognition from the national press, the midsized agency is leading the country in one-to-one dynamic marketing methodology and producing industry leading results for its clients.

A History of Web Design Excellence

The last time FabCom produced its agency site, it was awarded a local and a national Addy Award.

“We live in an age where website capability and technology move so dramatically that to have a site that propelled the company for almost ten years is a tribute to its original classic design,” said Sean Applemann, Lead Creative Director, FabCom. Appelmann was a team leader on the original site ten years ago and is still with FabCom for the launch of FabCom 2.0.

To experience the dynamic new style of website that’s sure to set the new standard in website development, visit and learn more about how FabCom is becoming recognized as the leading agency for its personalized, strategically developed, cross media marketing campaigns.


Brian Fabiano


Bob House