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A Clearer Picture of the Dynamic Marketing and One-to-One Direct Marketing Methodology

​So much has become clearer to me since working at FabCom, a Phoenix based marketing and advertising agency. It’s utterly amazing to witness what FabCom does and how it’s all developed.

PART VI: A clearer picture of FabCom’s dynamic marketing and one-to-one direct methodology – utilizing industry leading resources

​It’s even more evident just how innovative FabCom is in interactive, one to one direct and cross channel methodologies that make them a well respected leader in dynamic marketing. Our exacting deep dive approach to unearthing every detail leaves no stone unturned. While we were a well oiled and productive machine in my former corporate communications department, being immersed in FabCom’s dynamic marketing environment that is 100% strategic 100% of the time is very different. Here, we take marketing and advertising to an entirely new level with a collaborative process that is powerfully strategic because it’s marketing research driven, analytical yet creative, exploratory yet focused.

​It takes a combination of the best of business strategy, creative strategy and new technologies to generate results. In today’s disconnected yet increasingly connected world, interactive cross channel, cross media marketing has become a multidiscipline sport that requires the talents and competencies of a full service dynamic marketing team to realize the greatest potential of marketing ROI. The vast array of industry leading resources and emerging cross channel, cross media technologies provide the complete spectrum to any company’s in-house marketing and public relations teams, availing them of more resources in business development than they would ever have access to on their own.

​Yes, these integrated dynamic marketing resources are different than even what a $1 billion company would deploy and learn to master. They are uniquely marketing centric, and the sophisticated software and processes are driven not from the IT and management but instead by the actual users themselves who innovate daily. Our experienced dynamic marketing team, with advanced cross channel, cross media capabilities, has its pulse on the marketing industry’s evolvement, future direction and impact on business development in the 21st century.

​The resources of this Phoenix based marketing and advertising agency include personalized, intuitive real time marketing and advertising, transactional and trigger marketing, relationship and data base marketing, and one to one direct and dynamic marketing. The high-tech, high-touch method of cross channel, cross media marketing utilizes world-class, automated methodology and technologies to craft powerful and emotional messaging that target a vast array of different audiences.

​These marketing centric resources and specific tools are inclusive of enterprise software capability that allows a magnitude of output greater than any of our in-house corporate communications team members in my former job could have accomplished manually or with “one off” marketing communications methodology. Because we’re an independent strategic marketing and advertising agency with emphasis on dynamic marketing, we’re responsible for many brands and utilize lightning response standards. Plus, there’s a continual investment in state-of-the-art online and offline marketing capabilities for a unique one to one direct and dynamic marketing approach. The cost to outflank a company’s competitors can now be reduced by at least a tenth of the cost when the capability and cost can be shared with many other clients in non-competitive industries. Without the ability to harness the power of these tools leveraged across the board with greatest cost efficiency, the brand will simply continue to follow its familiar path, leaving the emerging opportunities and easy market share gains to competitors.


Brian Fabiano


Bob House