Once we have determined the demographic and psychographic segmentation of your target audiences, we look at sociographic variables to fine-tune our understanding of your customers, establish hyper-relevant marketing, and optimize our communication with them.

Examples of sociographic variable:

  • Gender
  • Family Size
  • Family Life Cycle
  • Socioeconomic Status
  • Religion
  • Nationality/Race
  • Language
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Product End Use
  • Readiness-To-Buy Stage
  • Decision Making Unit


In today’s market, it is no longer good enough to plan and execute marketing communications based simply on broad age and era similarities in beliefs, values and expectations. We have to dig deeper to define meaningful market segmentations.


Fortunately, we now can use psychographics and sociographics to supplement the general marketing communications direction of broader age and era demographics. In addition, we analyze and account for environmental and other external factors which may affect communication with your target audience. By further segmenting the broad age categories, we can communicate more relevantly by analyzing and understanding social status, group interaction and buying habits.


On the leading edge of brain science. When a particular marketing challenge warrants it, we also use a number of leading edge technologies in the field of neurology. This brain science—or as some say—neuromarketing, when combined with our other data, allows us to confirm our confidence in strategic recommendations by knowing your customers’ minds—literally.

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