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Finding My Way in Digital Marketing

Craving a Taste of Energy

As a senior in college with a double major in Communication and Information Science & eSociety, working part-time as a social media assistant for the University of Arizona’s Marketing and Brand Management Department, and years of internships and experience already under my belt, I was excited to take my passion for marketing to the next level.

A couple weeks into starting my journey to finding my dream job … BOOM! COVID-19 struck the world. Suddenly, I felt hopeless and like my aspirations were slipping away. How was I supposed to get a job as a soon-to-be graduate when I was also competing against the millions of Americans who recently lost their jobs?

Between the new reality of finishing school online and working remotely, I applied to every digital marketing firm I could get my hands on, no matter the location. Ready to jump in feet first, I was craving a taste of the energy, innovation, and creativity I thought resided in most agencies. Soon enough, I was offered a position as an Associate of Client Accounts for a political media firm located in Washington, D.C. — and let’s not forget, it was an election year.

A Step in the Right Direction

Two weeks after graduation, I packed up my car and drove across the country for a job I was not passionate about. But hey, it was a step in the right direction. Given the circumstances of the economy, I was grateful to be offered a job.

As I settled into a monotonous routine and the months continued, I thought to myself “this can’t be it.” I knew I was passionate and energetic about digital marketing, but somehow the work I was given felt like … work. This unsettling feeling had me second guessing my passion. How was I working for a high-end political media firm and not enjoying every second of it? I had nothing to compare this experience to, but little did I know what was in store for me.

The election came and went, and my opportunity to do something even greater appeared. When I came across a Social Media Specialist position for FabCom, an integrated strategic marketing agency located in Scottsdale, AZ, my eyes lit up. I applied, and two weeks later, I found myself across the country at the FabCom office, where I met Brain Fabiano, FabCom’s CEO, for the first time. Amazed by his brilliance, knowledge, and passion for the industry, I was taken aback — I realized nothing could have prepared me for stepping into an agency like FabCom.

Not Your Average Marketing Agency

In my eyes, I had a leg up in the industry at my young age by already having a few years’ experience before I graduated college. That belief was challenged the second I walked into FabCom. I realized that all the knowledge I obtained was only surface level — and I was quickly understanding the different layers FabCom portrays. You see, FabCom is not your average marketing agency. Operating in a way that interlinks creativity, business strategy, and technology, FabCom creates, strategizes and then implements, without failure, top of the line strategic marketing plans for an overall lucid customer experience.

From the moment I started working at FabCom, I realized marketing isn't just marketing anymore, and the industry is always evolving. Between advanced technology, branding, cross-media, systems developed to harness an elusive experience, and strategic planning, FabCom delivers it all with a passion to do right by their clients. Not only does FabCom put in hours of data-driven research to tailor individual strategic marketing plans, but they are also on the forefront of new technology and innovation, keeping them five steps ahead of the pack … literally.

The diverse talent at FabCom have always been able to see what the business industry is lacking. In today’s climate, this prompted initiative to brainstorm, design, and produce a professional virtual reality event experience that previously did not exist. The virtual event platform is a combination of AR, VR, animation, cinematography, and converging technologies used in game development to deliver a nearly real-life way to professionally interact and network virtually. To say I was blown away by this creation is an understatement. It goes to show that FabCom is a group of go-getters and will always strive to bring the impossible to life.

Growing as a Professional

In my first week, I observed the dedication, high levels of focus, passion, and involvement that is ingrained in every team member when it comes to creating and implementing integrated marketing plans at this top agency. Looking back at my experiences over the last few years, collaboration was the missing puzzle piece for me to go from good to great, mediocre to excellent, and be my most efficient self.

Before FabCom, I was given tasks with no opportunity to collaborate and bounce ideas off one another — the lively energy I strongly desired in the creative process was missing. It is extremely evident that the passion and excitement that flows through this office on a daily basis to strategize, synergize, and outperform others while excelling at our craft every day, was the energy I needed to kick my drive into high gear. I look forward to growing as a professional and learning from Arizona’s best when it comes to integrated strategic marketing.


Maegan Buzzella