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The F-word at a Phoenix Marketing and Advertising Agency

What comes to your mind when you think “f-word”? Fantastic, freak, frumpy, fearless, farm, fast, film, fluoride, Friday, frugal. There are a vast amount of “f-words” in the English language, but we all know which one was first on your mind… Your mother wouldn’t be proud. It’s time to get your mind out of the gutter because in this case, the “f-word” to which I am referring is family.

Family means countless different things to many different people. A family is a group of people with the same ambitions and principles who work together for the greater good of the whole. I had the luxury of joining a family recently, FabCom. FabCom is a boutique, strategic marketing agency that fully encompasses the ultimate “f-word”: family. FabCom and family, two “f-words” that go hand-in-hand.

The first real involvement I have had in the workforce was as an intern at FabCom this summer. Normally, when thinking of the business world, people anticipate a cutthroat, every-person-for-themselves feel. However, in reality, the FabCom atmosphere is one of acceptance and genuine togetherness. The experience I had as a summer intern for FabCom was exceptional. Taking part in client meetings, video shoots, and production was just half the fun. What stands out as fun about an internship at FabCom is being a part of the family. My experience would not be the same without the aura of family being all around the second you walk into FabCom each day.

FabCom employees are more than colleagues at a Phoenix marketing and advertising agency; each person personally embodies the meaning of family with everything they do. When you are at FabCom, you witness people giving up watching their favorite show, for example, just to stay late and help a colleague who is in need, when they have absolutely no obligation to. Then there’s the interactive art director, who implemented an online process management tool for the video crew going to shoot that streamlined the process and eliminated the need to have an additional person on site, which ultimately saved time and money for the client. Even though the interactive art director did not go to the shoot, he was more than happy to go above and beyond for the greater good of the FabCom team. When you get the privilege of attending client meetings, like I did, you witness how the client services team has established more than just a client relationship; they truly treat the clients as extensions of the FabCom family. They provide a level of service that goes the extra mile; along with maintaining a high standard of shared values.

The FabCom family values were exhibited as constant sacrifice, collaboration, and commitment to one another. It is an indescribable sight to see people from all different walks of life who share something in common. A person from the government, the Midwest, a hippy, an artist, a geek, a writer, a grandparent, a dancer, an athlete, all working in perfect cohesion and all because they have the same values of integrity, loyalty, and selflessness. The concept is astounding and it works.

Why do these values resonate so much with me? Not only were they my values during my internship, but also they have been my values since I was born. There is a third “f-word” in my life: FabCom, Family, and Fabiano.

By: Veronica Fabiano