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Are Metaversities the Future?

The Chronicles of Higher Education recently released a report titled The Flexible Campus for a New Era, claiming the four trends that will lead to technological advancement within universities are: immersive learning, flexible spaces with eco-friendly attributes, an inclusive environment, and metaversities. This perked up our ears because of what we’re launching with HReality.

HReality is a first-person mixed reality environment that introduces natural human behaviors and appearances into professional VR and hybrid environments to help foster true-to-life interactions, seamless knowledge transfer, and networking that resonates. Used without head and hand gear, HReality was developed as a professional alternative for education and business to shared AR/VR metaverse environments, meant to be easily adopted and experienced with just a web browser.

Developed to dynamically meet a variety of professional and educational needs, HReality is innovating the next generation of online virtual interaction through multiple industry platforms: HReality Events, HReality Education, HReality Enterprise, and HReality Experiences.

In fact, HReality Education, a learning experience platform, will be debuting its very first class in September in partnership with University of Advancing Technology (UAT) to bring full immersion virtual classrooms to students’ fingertips.

Read more about the research we’re conducting with UAT to determine the efficacy of speed of learning and knowledge retention with HReality virtual experiential learning when compared to established curriculum delivery within Canvas-style LMS systems.

The report states, “Learning is most effective when students are able to participate, according to a number of studies.” And we couldn’t agree more. That’s why HReality offers photo-realistic environments and avatars for students to interact within and with each other, from wherever they are.

With twice the resolution and fidelity when compared to “like” virtual platforms, HReality Education will operate as a plugin to Canvas.

HReality was built by digital innovators who understand the space and deliverables for education administration, with the goal of revolutionizing the digital experience of education again. This is in contrast to programming companies adding “virtual” features to sell more of the same software.

FabCom, an integrated brand experience, marketing, and advertising agency headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, has deep experience in leveraging discontinuous innovation and converging technologies and helped usher in some of the first online education delivery interfaces in the Southwest, and is actively implementing the next digital wave with virtual integration for education.


Madison Miller