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Why a Strategy? Why Not Tear Into Creating a Website FIRST?

Have you ever gotten in your car to drive to a destination and realized you didn’t know exactly where you were going? Without direction upon entering new areas, we often find ourselves lost, confused, and ultimately, extremely frustrated.

What do you do when you are lost?

The most obvious answer: seek direction. You look for a map or guide to get you to your destination. When drawn correctly, maps provide not only clarity of course but also emotional relief now that the feeling of hopelessness that being lost creates has vanished.

This basic instinct of seeking direction when lost is the basis of FabCom’s proven Comprehensive Marketing & Positioning Strategy method. Brands are a maze of segments and nuanced faceted details that all need to be pointed in the same direction so they can harmoniously work together to accomplish business goals and objectives, establish a sense of emotional connectivity with target audience segments, and build an over-arching positive brand reputation and organic scalability allowing the brand to address multiple segments simultaneously but authentically.

Why is comprehensive marketing strategy so important?

It serves as your brand’s compass. The strategy meticulously considers each individual aspect of your brand and how it best fits into your overall brand promise that must be delivered. Then, it details how to optimize each of those pieces to form unified messaging that resonates with prospects and customers, and generates ROI.

Whether you are starting a new business or re-branding an existing one, it is vital to start with a tried and true strategic methodology to avoid getting lost in the first place. If a company creates a new or updated online or offline brand, displays ads to the public, adapts a new positioning, or updates their identity without a proper map and agreed destinations in mind, there is a very high likelihood the brand will fall down a rabbit hole that in the long run is much more expensive, in terms of both time and money, to climb out of to achieve objectives.

Ensure your time and money

In addition, the strategic plan method ensures against the loss of years of progression and market share opportunities as a company discovers all the components not originally leveraged to get the job done right the first time but are, in fact, needed.

The simple answer that’s proven in corporate America for decades in every sector, and the single best practice to ensure marketing investments provide a ROI as expected, is creating the perfect and right-sized company map. This “map” guides a company away from these pitfalls from the start. The map is called a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Don’t waste time and gas driving your brand in the wrong direction. Start your journey knowing exactly where you want to go and how your destination will bring you success.

Throwing a party and no one comes

The worst part of NOT creating a plan, if a company is able to side step the 90% of failure discussed so far when not proceeding with a strategy… is actually getting to your destination after investing all the dollars and time, only to discover the destination does not yield the results required. A comprehensive marketing strategy process will also ensure against that probability.

As an integrated dynamic cross-channel marketing agency, FabCom provides the strategic marketing planning expertise and organizational development needed to help lead your management team to a win/win, ensuring your car is headed in the right direction.


Brian Fabiano


Linda Tyler