Building your Content for the Best SEO Results

08 May
May 8, 2018

Very few professionals, in-house or out of house, can earn high-value positions on Google that will open your company up instantly to 91% of the available market. The reality is, 99.6% of content creators and pages created every single day by professional publishers (or what we as content creators and SEO ninjas refer to as “hang and bang” teams) earn for a company the chance to only expose themselves up to 8% of the available market – at most – or assures the company that it will lose out on 91% of your businesses chances to do whatever it does. So, how much are you saving by allowing the ilk of in-house content creators, a free-bee, cheap or someone who can administer IT networks or draw or design a bit to build and manage your website?

Here is another little secret of the content building and SEO arena. Without a partner that CAN achieve page 1 results with meaningful search terms, then a company would lose out on all but 5% of what you could achieve with a front-page rank by hiring the 99 out of 100 who cannot achieve the objectives nor scale them efficiently when achieved.

The Formula for Award-Winning Ad Design

23 Feb
February 23, 2018

Let me start out by saying I know this entire post is a brag – but let’s be real. As CEO of FabCom, I’ve got bragging rights, and exciting news to share.

This year, we received four Addy Awards for client work that transformed each company. We’re not talking niche association awards. We’re talking a tip of the hat at the national level from judges who are among the best of the best in the industry – the Addy Awards.

FabCom is one of the top, longest-standing integrated marketing agencies in the Southwest market with a special focus on the fusion of business strategy, creative strategies, and new technology. We are not usually a marketing and advertising agency that brags about the quality of our designs. What we do brag about is our ability to meet and beat the goals and objectives of our clients with the work we produce.

We’ve learned that if we show 100 people the same design, we will get 100 different opinions. A top marketing firm does not design based solely on someone’s opinion. FabCom’s strategic designs fuse together business and creative strategies with new technology for one reason: to achieve superior marketing and advertising results and bottom line ROI – not to glean opinions on how good our designs are from random stakeholders outside of the influence or buying cycle – that drives the ROI of the marketing or advertising campaign.

FabCom is a Finalist in the Scottsdale City Flag Design Contest!

13 Feb
February 13, 2018

After 65+ years, the City of Scottsdale is updating their city flag. After running a design contest that was open to the public, they received 260+ entries from all over the state. On Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at the Scottsdale Mayor’s State of the City luncheon the top finalists were announced, and we are ecstatic and honored to say that one of FabCom’s designs has made it to the top 10!

The icons of the cactus and the mountain range were chosen to represent the beautiful horizons and mountain ranges surrounding Scottsdale. Highlighted are the breathtaking, radiant sunsets, represented by the blaze of orange and yellow. The deep royal blue was chosen to create a visceral connection to the depth of elegance within Scottsdale.

It means so much our team to even have the opportunity to design something that will last past our careers. But now the REAL challenge begins — a landslide victory — and FabCom needs your vote!

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