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The Bottom line on Lasting SEO Success

November 17, 2015

SEO and PPC: the Cake or the Icing?

April 17, 2014

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For integrated marketing and advertising agencies and their online marketing centric clients, an online marketing strategy is the most important component of the holistic marketing approach. Yet when it comes to search engine marketing (SEM), the transitioning importance and the decision of investing resources in organic search results, or SEO, versus pay per click (PPC) advertisements, has yet to be clarified to most search engine marketing users. In order to paint a clearer picture of search engine marketing, one must think of SEM as cake. It is wise to focus the best ingredients on the batter, as this becomes the foundation of the recipe or SEM strategy. The icing is of course also a strong component, however it is merely a topping to what must become an efficient and scalable integrated marketing mix.

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Why FabCom?

May 21, 2012



FabCom is a fully integrated, strategic marketing, public relations and advertising rm with clients across the United States. Our marketing process is driven by strategy. The result is effective, high-impact marketing and advertising that costs less to implement because it has the focus and structure to penetrate the target market and motivate specific actions.

Our strategic, emotional approach to marketing, advertising, public relations, sales growth, and social media has enabled us to conceive and implement decades of highly successful national and regional campaigns. We know how to influence multi-dimensional audiences, and to take specific actions that will achieve quantifiable marketing goals. This ability and our high tech, high touch strategic approach provide the confidence which leads us to become the first major agency in the country to guarantee the results of marketing plans and campaigns that we develop. This lowers your risk and ensures your success.

Our role in the marketing process is to help drive your company from where it is today to where you would like it to be. That is, we take your corporate strategic plan, goals and objectives, and create a strategic marketing plan which will full that vision. We will help you prioritize and leverage your most pro table opportunities. Determining the specific marketing goals and objectives and helping to ll any gaps in your strategic plan will be our first step. We then take the best of business strategy, creative strategy, and new technology to help empower your teams to achieve success.

Our integrated marketing and advertising services include:

Branding and Positioning
Call Center Integration
Content Integration
Corporate Identity
Cross-Channel Integration
Dynamic Marketing Event/Environment Marketing Incentive Marketing
Marketing Business Intelligence Marketing Communications Marketing Research
Media Planning and Buying
Online Marketing
Public Relations
Real-Time Dashboard Reporting Relationship and Database Marketing Sales Force Automation
Sales Planning and Promotion SEO/SEM
Social Media
Strategic Marketing Planning Transaction and Trigger Marketing Video Production
Website Development

We are confident, based on our organization’s hybrid strategy process combined with our unique methodology, that we can help meet—and exceed—even the most ambitious goals of your management team. We will exploit the competition’s weaknesses and position your strengths utilizing strategies and tactics which will establish your competitive advantage.

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